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Tomb Raider 2013 Clothes and accessories:
This is a breakdown for the advanced Lara Croft from the game, with most upgrades such as ammo pouches, but this cosplay is totally open to interpretation, you don't have to have all of the accessories, you can cosplay a less upgraded version of Lara, even starter Lara, hence all the versions of the weapons are provided as a guide :-)
Please refresh the page if images fail to load...
Reference:  Back to Menu
Dirty or greasy Lara (front) Dirty or greasy Lara (back)
Double Tank Top  Back to Menu
(Tutorial Available)
Blue Shirt

You can use any old blue tank top for this one, you gotta make sure its form fitting on you like Lara

White shirt
If you can , make sure the white tank top is the same size and type as the blue one, to make sure it pokes out of the blue one, make the straps a little shorter by folding them at the base and sewing them in place
Cargo Pants Back to Menu
These must be cargo, they have to have the pockets above the knees and you can buy them at any local clothes shop or be really lucky and get them on Ebay, use scissors to cut a big hole just on the back of your thigh
(Tutorial Available)
Boots Back to Menu
The boots are brown, with 6 lace holes and 3 hooks, they are frayed
Quiver + Sling + Arrows Back to Menu
Arm, Leg and Hand bandage Back to Menu

A plain piece of  white fabric or gauze will do the job, make sure you dirty it up with costume makeup and fake blood

Same as the arm bandage only a little thicker, make sure you cut a piece big enough to go around your leg twice

Thin and stringy bandage
Boots Straps Back to Menu
Lara uses more thin white fabric to secure her pant legs, all you need is thin fabric or gauze to go around your legs, one higher than the other (You can see how they were put on the pants in this Tutorial)
Earrings Back to Menu
Double hoop earring on the right ear and single earring on the left
Archery Glove Back to Menu
(Tutorial Available)
Watch Back to Menu
Black watch with yellow trim, I bought mine from http://myworld.ebay.com/7store 
Belt and Gun holster Back to Menu
The belt and holster is made out of brown leather, goes around her hips and only one leg , unlike the other versions
(Tutorial Available)

Second brown belt: for the pants

Necklace Back to Menu
Green pendant

(Tutorial Available)
Bows Back to Menu

Starter Bow
(Tutorial Available)

Recurve Bow
(Tutorial Available)

Compound Bow

Competition Bow
(Tutorial Available)
Axes Back to Menu

Makeshift Axe (Tutorial Available)

Strengthened Axe

Climbing Axe (Tutorial Available)
Firearms Back to Menu

1st - Semi-auto pistol (Tutorial available)

2nd - Tactical Pistol
(Tutorial available)

3rd - Magnum Pistol

1st - WW2 Submachine Gun

2nd - Assault Rifle

3rd- Commando Rifle (Tutorial available)

1st - Trench Shotgun
(Tutorial available)

2nd - Pump Action Shotgun

3rd - Combat Shotgun
Hair & Makeup Back to Menu

(Hair Tutorial Available)

(Makeup Tutorial Available)
Dirty, bloody and beaten up! its what you gotta go for - Hair tutorial here, Makeup tutorial here
Body Makeup Back to Menu
Tutorial coming soon
Torch Back to Menu
Two Way Radio Back to Menu

(Tutorial available)
Ammo and Storage Pouches Back to Menu
Click the picture on the left, to view the pouches in detail
Misc Accessories Back to Menu

(Tutorial available)

Fire Striker
Rope Ascender
All other outfits Back to Menu

Pre-Island, Clean outfit

After Shipwreck
(washed up)







Downloadable Checklist Back to Menu
Here is a list of all the items that you might want to make for the Tomb Raider 2013 costume, print it out and use it to keep track of your crafting
Pictures are from an extracted game model using XNA Lara thanks to SickLove for their amazing work Most non render pictures are from
 the 3d models and the weapon pics from wikia

Special thanks to staff member Carla for these amazing Lara reference pics