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Please make sure that you read carefully if you are about to submit your photos.
[ Last Updated: May 18th 2015 ]

The official email for sending your photos and bio is:
First, we are very happy to have your pictures, so thank you very much for sending them. This website is dedicated to making the lives of cosplayers easier. Whether you need help cosplaying or want to share your photos with the world. We are here for you.
You must submit a minimum of 3 pictures for your gallery.
This is because you get a whole dedicated page for your photos, videos and biography. Having a full page will look better.
Size & Format:
JPEG / JPG format will help us get your gallery up faster, the photos can be as big as you want but they can't be smaller than 500pixels in width.
You can submit as many pictures as you like, there is no limit at this time.
Make sure that you submit your photos along with a mini biography. You can talk about yourself, and how you got into cosplay, your costumes, how you make them, anything you want the viewers to know about you. Be careful not to go into too personal details for your own safety.
In your email, please specify which photo you'd like as your gallery banner on top of your page, and which photo you'd like as your icon.
The icon is the first thing people see when they are browsing galleries by alphabetical order. Failing to select for yourself means we will choose for you.
There is a section in your personal gallery for videos. If you happen to have videos of yourself in costume, or vlogging about your costume build, feel free to send them through. Just make sure they are appropriate before you do so.
Please keep in mind your photos will most likely be posted on our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
We have a very good team of moderators, that regularly monitor comments on each website outlet.
Make sure you have authorization from your photographers. They work hard and deserve to know where their work is being shared.
Feel free to also post their links in your biography. Same goes for
another person in the picture, make sure it's ok with them before sending.
Although we are family friendly, and would never post inappropriate content on this site. Cosplayers under the age of 16 still need permission from their parents or guardians to be published.
(Please have your guardians send us an email at tombraidercosplay@yahoo.com)
There can't be any nudity, inappropriate clothing, unsuitable posing, offensive gesturing or suggestiveness in your photos.
This is an official fansite, one of many voices / representations of the Tomb Raider Community and we'd like to represent it well.
We warn visitors to this site that all pictures belong to you and your photographers, if they'd like to use the photos, they have to contact you through us, since we don't publish your contact details without your consent. 
Also copyright notices & links watermarked on your pictures are permitted.