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Tomb Raider Bow and Arrow by Sara Larochelle
(Time to make: 15 mins - Cost: $2.97)
Reference Picture:

This is actually very easy to make, you don't need a lot to have the new tomb raider bow and arrow, and it looks badass :)

You will need:

  • 5 or 6 thin tree branches (4.5 to 5 feet long) without stems
  • Cotton Cord
  • Some tape

1 - Get branches: from the picture, you can see they are good flexible branches that are slightly bent already

2 - Align them so they are symmetric and then start securing them with the tape, just so you can see what bits and pieces you need to cut and clean up:

3 - Cut away anything that sticking out and will make it uncomfortable  for you to use

4 - Then bend them against a hard surface to see if they will be able to take the angle like so:

5 - Now you need your Cotton Cord:

Start but cutting 4 strings, 3 feet long
then cut one more piece that's 10 feet long

Use the longer piece to make the handle, Hold one end and start wrapping the other around the bow like this:

You will end up with this right in the middle:

6 - Now use the the smaller pieces for the other four corners and remembering to hold one end, you can join it up with the other eventually and tie it up like this:

It will looks something like this:

7 - Now time to string it! , cut a string piece half a foot shorter than your bow, however long it is, mine is 4.5 feet, so the string is 4 feet long, and make a noose shaped tie at each end

and just place them on the bow, After the last ties on it like this:

Your bow will look like this:

GRATS! you're done :)

Sara Croft aka Sara larochelle:  Gallery - Facebook - Twitter