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Tomb Raider 2013 Quiver by Kirsten - Part 2
Hello again, Gals...

Here's PART TWO of the Quiver tutorial, where we'll make your shoulder strap. PART ONE can be found here

I suggest reading through both entirely before beginning, as you will be able to see how common items and techniques are used in both tutorials.

What you'll need:

1. About 5' of 1-1/2" wide cotton webbing, O.D.
Mine came from a Serbian Gas Mask Bag. This came with
two d rings and two hooks (the hooks we used in PART ONE).

You can use just about any webbing, but if you are having trouble finding things, PM me and I can send you a kit with all
that you need, just as pictured.

2. Two Metal D Rings of the same width as your webbing.

3. About 5' of Chocolate Brown Paracord (Also used in PART ONE)

4. Flat O.D., Brown, Black and White Spray Paint

5. More OD Thread, More patience.

Here's the picses: