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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebration.

Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Tenyon aka Jolien }

1- Tell us about yourself.
"Well, let's see. I'm a big costume nut. Not only game/movie costumes but also costumes from the past. My biggest dream is to become a good costume historian. I'm a third year art history student now, so I have to work some more years to fulfill that dream. I love travelling and discovering new worlds, things and people. That's maybe why I love diving so much. It's like a completely different world when you're in the ocean, almost surreal. I'm on my way to be a one star diver, and it will be a big investment in my life.
Apart from making costumes in my spare time I also like to draw, paint, photograph and I also model occasionally, mostly for fun. If it is creative you will find me there! It's a pity that I don't have that much time for it, cause it relaxes me so much. If I couldn't do anything creative I think I would die, lol."

2- why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?

"I cosplay Lara because she's an incredible iconic character.
Her look is strong in all its simplicity: a gorgeous woman in shorts, shirt and gunrig, but it's her character that make her stand out. The whole character is
 filled with so much power!
That translates to me when
I get my gear on.
She's a tough, intelligent
woman, doesn't take crap
from anyone but is also
loveable, mysterious, funny
 and kind and gets herself
into trouble, like most of
us girls do"





3- when did you first hear about lara?
"A long time ago when TR1 was launched in 1997. My brother and dad were always big game fans and I got the virus too that time. Before I knew it I was solving puzzles and jumping from slope to slope with Lara .of course back then I was still a little girl, so my dad had to shoot the tigers for me (yes I was scared of the Tigers, bears and all the other beasties running around...thinking of it..I still am). I also can remember that I was in total awe when I saw Rhona Mitra as Lara at that time in a magazine. She looked so much like Lara that I didn�t even noticed that she was "just a model". I couldn�t imagine that somebody could look that much like her. But since then I learned a lot and found out that more woman have that Lara vibe and I have the utmost respect for all those stunning lara look a likes out there, that make this digital power woman come alive."
4- how long have you been a lara fan?
"She�s been a favorite character of mine ever since that day described above. But It took me until
TR4 before I actually played the whole
game alone (me and my dad always
played together)! Have to admit though,
 I'm not really good at it (but have
the patience to do it over and
over again), I kill myself 5 times
in a row, walk into walls, and
jump in big canyons instead of
over them, but I still love every
single minute of the game! It's
 a big part of my Tomb
Raider experience!"

5- when did you get into cosplay?
"When I was 16 years old. The cinema in our city gave people the opportunity to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character for the release of Attack of the Clones. My mum and I made a black (because it wasn't see through) ripped(because we hadn�t have enough fabric) Padmé Arena outfit. It was THE most corny outfit in the whole world, but I loved it to death. Two years after that I made my first "real" costume: Padmé's picnic dress. I never had the guts to cosplay Lara until the release of Tomb Raider Legend. Then I finally decided to just do it and make the Legend costume. Not just because I loved the new Lara look and game, but also as a sort of ode to all the fun times I had playing the game when I was younger with my dad. (if you don't like squishy stories don't read any on lol) Since the first game he called me his little Lara, because I was sort of tom-boyish, loved archeology (before I ever heard of Tomb Raider) but also got very long hair that I had in a braid most of the times."
6- how do you assemble your outfits?
"For the clothing I try to find patterns that come close to what I want and then modify them if needed. It gives me the liberty of fabric choice, model, seams etc.
I make the holsters from all kind of
things really, mostly because I can't
 afford real leather: fun foam covered
 in fake leather, leather belts bought
at the store and then cut up,
cardboard (once again, covered
in fake leather!) and I even used
fiberglass in my classic gun rig.
My classic belt buckle is made
out of wood and resin and my
Legend buckle is made out of
air drying clay.I can't glue
latex though (it's a torture!),
 so I bought my classic latex
Lara top."


7- Favourite TR outfit
"The Classic Jade green vest and shorts. Nothing beats the boxy Lara backpack and pointy boobs!"

8- Favourite TR game
"Can't I pick them all? Please? Pretty please?"

9- what is your dream lara croft costume?
"For Lara: The black catsuit: It's shiny, black and mysterious. But I also really like Natla's demon costume in Anniversay, so Iove you're talking about a dream. Tomb Raider project, it would be that one!"

10- what is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"Well nothing really, the woman has a magic backpack: unlimited space! What more do you want."

11- what are your favourite qualities that lara upholds.
-other, please explains

"See answer 2 ^_^."

12- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
"Never try to be somebody other than yourself. Get all the best out of yourself in life, but don't forget to have fun along the way.
Big hug to Sara.

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