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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebration.

Featured Cosplayer is...

When did you first hear about Lara?
"Back in 1997, my older brother read those videogames magazines every month.
That�s were I saw Lara for the first time, I think it was an article about Tomb Raider II.
It aroused my interest, because at this time it was pretty unusual, to see a woman as the main character of a videogame.
How long have you been a Lara fan?
"About one year later, a good friend of mine owned Tomb Raider III. We spent much time playing it together. Lara became very fast my idol and hero, because for me she is the idealised version of a woman on many levels. She is sexy, intelligent, tough, athletic, well travelled and has this kind of mysterious charm that works though. Who wouldn�t like to be like her?"

Why do you cosplay Lara?
"Lara Croft is the idealised version of a woman on many levels. She is sexy, intelligent, tough, athletic, cultured, well travelled and has this kind of mysterious charm that works though. I can't see any real woman matching up - but that�s the reason why she became very fast my idol and my hero.
I love to dress up as her, because wearing her clothes gives me the feeling, to be as strong and independent as she is - at least a little bit.
Although it may sounds absurd, but besides the fun, this really helps me to improve my lack of self-confidence."


How do you assemble your outfits?

"First I look in basic local clothing stores for clothes, which look similar to what I need. After that, I change or add little details, when necessary. The props (like belt, buckle, backpack etc.) I try to make by myself, because it would be too expensive to buy them�"

When did you get into cosplaying?
"I always loved to disguise myself and so it was obvious, that I would start to dress up as Lara Croft one day. My first costumes were very simple and looked terrible compared to now.
But over the years, the cosplay became a huge meaning to me and now it isn�t only a hobby anymore � it�s a passion, which means a lot of fun, but also helped me to improve my lack of self-confidence.


Favourite TR outfit?
"Hmm� my favourite costume was the classic outfit for a long time, because it brings back a flood of memories. But now I like TRU�s wetsuit the most."

Favourite TR game?
"It�s difficult to decide, because I love them all.
Maybe TR III, AoD and TRU are my favourites."
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