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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebration.

Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Jonathan }

Jonathan as Kurtis

1- Tell us about yourself.
"Hi, I’m Jonathan from France. 26 yo, receptionist in a hotel during the day and cosplayer when I’m at home lol. I also practice roller skating, swimming, ice skating and cooking ^^ But what I prefer is going to the mountain, running and climbing every where, discovering beautiful places like Lara Croft does ^^

Jonathan as Classic Larson
2- why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?
"If I could be a girl… but I’m not ^^ I have tried to cosplay myself as Kurtis Trent, Pierre DuPont and other male TR characters but no one of them is Lara ! She’s got so much style with her clothes, her equipment… so I made Jonathan Croft, a male version of Lara.
I dream of being in the lost valley with her, searching for the Scion and killing raptors ;-)
It’s not easy for a young man to cosplay Lara because many people give me bad comments… but I don’t care ! I take lot of pleasure to cosplay my favorite adventurer and I don’t want to stop because of some non open-minded persons…

3- when did you first hear about lara?
"I have discovered Lara Croft with the 1st Tomb Raider and became fan instantly.
The game was sent with the Playstation in a package.
She’s like a panther : so beautiful and so dangerous… By watching her we know we’ll probably die if we go near, but we can’t stay far…
She’s so fashion, all her clothes are so designed, I like that ^^ She’s also like my favourite male hero : Batman ; she’s got a costume for each type of situation, she use hi-tech gadgets and vehicles, she use a grapple, she works alone but take some help sometimes and has many contacts all over the world, she’s got an “Alfred”, a trophy room and lives in a manor…

4- how long have you been a lara fan?
Since I saw the first cinematic of TR1 when she jumped from the top of the gate to kill the wolves… THAT is a girl I like ! ^^
I’ll always be fan because I think Lara will stay the most dangerous and styled woman in the world, she’s now an icon.


5- when did you get into cosplay?
"I practice cosplay since the age of 6 : one day at school the teacher has shown us how to make a hat with a piece of paper : at this moment, I have realized that I could make all the costumes I want myself. Of course the first ones were made with paper lol ^^ “one-use cosplay” Those first paper cosplays where about Saint Seiya and Power Rangers J
7 years ago, I have discovered the word “cosplay” and my life get changed ! “I’m not alone” ^^
So, I’ve decided to practice cosplay more and more, motivated by all the other cosplayers all over the world and wanting the share my pictures and take part in a cosplay team.
I have also took part on 2 tv show, some interviews and went to some cosplay conventions.
This year at Japan Expo I’ve win 3 prices ! It was really exiting.

Jonathan as Terry Sheridan

Jonathan as Larson (anniversary edition)
6- how do you assemble your outfits?
"I want to make a special room at home where I could make my costumes because when I start one, there are lots of furniture every where in the flat lol
First, I draw my outfits and make paper versions. After that I make them, using patience and experience. I try to find things which look like Lara’s outfits and custom them into a man version. To find what I need, I stay a lot of time in different shops to find some ideas and material.

7- Favourite TR outfit
"My favourite TR outfit ? The TR-U basic one. I really like the design and the equipment.
I have a black version, a brown version and now I’m working on a dark green version with a shirt at the place of a t-shirt ; I think it will look like more masculine with a shirt.

Jonathan as Hillary the butler

Jonathan as James Rutland
8- Favourite TR game
"Tomb Raider One, for the ambiance, the bigger levels than TR-A, and what I prefer : the dangerous ambiance of the lost valley. I prefer TR-A for the graphic of course, but I think the “Tomb” ambiance is better in TR-One.
9- what is your dream
lara croft costume?

"The dream is coming true : I’m working on a TR-A doppelganger cosplay without skin ;-)

Jonathan as Alex West

Jonathan as Alister Fletcher
10- what is the one item you
would add to the croft outfit?

"A jet pack ? lol No, seriously why not some little smoke bombs to disappear or a computer included in the sun glasses ?

Jonathan as Male Lara, Anniversary
11- what are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds.

The respect she has for the memory of antic civilisations, when she has a mission she does every thing to realise it even if she has to kill a friend to protect the Earth (cf TR Movie 2) and Lara keep charm in all type of situation.
She’s not a perfect person but she’s strong, physically and mentally and that’s why she wins.
12- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
"I would thank you for the interest you gave me, I’m really honoured.

Keep watching at Lara cause I’m sure she has not finish to give us beautiful pictures of the world. Be proud to cosplay as her, she’s now the symbol of all a generation.

For 2010, I’ll make a TR-U doppelganger cosplay, I’ll finish my Thor Hammer and my new TR-U green outfit. I hope we could meet in a TR convention one day, with many Lara Croft cosplayers!

++ Jonathan

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