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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebration.

Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Jonathan }

Jonathan as Kurtis

1- Tell us about yourself.
"Hi, I�m Jonathan from France. 26 yo, receptionist in a hotel during the day and cosplayer when I�m at home lol. I also practice roller skating, swimming, ice skating and cooking ^^ But what I prefer is going to the mountain, running and climbing every where, discovering beautiful places like Lara Croft does ^^

Jonathan as Classic Larson
2- why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?
"If I could be a girl� but I�m not ^^ I have tried to cosplay myself as Kurtis Trent, Pierre DuPont and other male TR characters but no one of them is Lara ! She�s got so much style with her clothes, her equipment� so I made Jonathan Croft, a male version of Lara.
I dream of being in the lost valley with her, searching for the Scion and killing raptors ;-)
It�s not easy for a young man to cosplay Lara because many people give me bad comments� but I don�t care ! I take lot of pleasure to cosplay my favorite adventurer and I don�t want to stop because of some non open-minded persons�

3- when did you first hear about lara?
"I have discovered Lara Croft with the 1st Tomb Raider and became fan instantly.
The game was sent with the Playstation in a package.
She�s like a panther : so beautiful and so dangerous� By watching her we know we�ll probably die if we go near, but we can�t stay far�
She�s so fashion, all her clothes are so designed, I like that ^^ She�s also like my favourite male hero : Batman ; she�s got a costume for each type of situation, she use hi-tech gadgets and vehicles, she use a grapple, she works alone but take some help sometimes and has many contacts all over the world, she�s got an �Alfred�, a trophy room and lives in a manor�

4- how long have you been a lara fan?
Since I saw the first cinematic of TR1 when she jumped from the top of the gate to kill the wolves� THAT is a girl I like ! ^^
I�ll always be fan because I think Lara will stay the most dangerous and styled woman in the world, she�s now an icon.


5- when did you get into cosplay?
"I practice cosplay since the age of 6 : one day at school the teacher has shown us how to make a hat with a piece of paper : at this moment, I have realized that I could make all the costumes I want myself. Of course the first ones were made with paper lol ^^ �one-use cosplay� Those first paper cosplays where about Saint Seiya and Power Rangers J
7 years ago, I have discovered the word �cosplay� and my life get changed ! �I�m not alone� ^^
So, I�ve decided to practice cosplay more and more, motivated by all the other cosplayers all over the world and wanting the share my pictures and take part in a cosplay team.
I have also took part on 2 tv show, some interviews and went to some cosplay conventions.
This year at Japan Expo I�ve win 3 prices ! It was really exiting.

Jonathan as Terry Sheridan

Jonathan as Larson (anniversary edition)
6- how do you assemble your outfits?
"I want to make a special room at home where I could make my costumes because when I start one, there are lots of furniture every where in the flat lol
First, I draw my outfits and make paper versions. After that I make them, using patience and experience. I try to find things which look like Lara�s outfits and custom them into a man version. To find what I need, I stay a lot of time in different shops to find some ideas and material.

7- Favourite TR outfit
"My favourite TR outfit ? The TR-U basic one. I really like the design and the equipment.
I have a black version, a brown version and now I�m working on a dark green version with a shirt at the place of a t-shirt ; I think it will look like more masculine with a shirt.

Jonathan as Hillary the butler

Jonathan as James Rutland
8- Favourite TR game
"Tomb Raider One, for the ambiance, the bigger levels than TR-A, and what I prefer : the dangerous ambiance of the lost valley. I prefer TR-A for the graphic of course, but I think the �Tomb� ambiance is better in TR-One.
9- what is your dream
lara croft costume?

"The dream is coming true : I�m working on a TR-A doppelganger cosplay without skin ;-)

Jonathan as Alex West

Jonathan as Alister Fletcher
10- what is the one item you
would add to the croft outfit?

"A jet pack ? lol No, seriously why not some little smoke bombs to disappear or a computer included in the sun glasses ?

Jonathan as Male Lara, Anniversary
11- what are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds.

The respect she has for the memory of antic civilisations, when she has a mission she does every thing to realise it even if she has to kill a friend to protect the Earth (cf TR Movie 2) and Lara keep charm in all type of situation.
She�s not a perfect person but she�s strong, physically and mentally and that�s why she wins.
12- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
"I would thank you for the interest you gave me, I�m really honoured.

Keep watching at Lara cause I�m sure she has not finish to give us beautiful pictures of the world. Be proud to cosplay as her, she�s now the symbol of all a generation.

For 2010, I�ll make a TR-U doppelganger cosplay, I�ll finish my Thor Hammer and my new TR-U green outfit. I hope we could meet in a TR convention one day, with many Lara Croft cosplayers!

++ Jonathan

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