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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebrati
Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Jenn }

Name- Jenn Croft
Place- California/Melbourne, Australia
Profession: Personal Fitness Trainer
Cosplayer since: 2000
Favorite Tomb Raider Game: Tomb Raider 1
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Base Jumping, Skydiving, Motorcycles, Caving, Hiking, Traveling, Movies, Videogames

"My name is Jenn and I have been cosplaying since 2000, mainly as Lara Croft. I like to take my photoshoots to extremes, sometimes doing something very dangerous just to get the shot. I love being active with my photoshoots, and I believe that the true way to capture the spirit of Lara Croft is to step into her boots, get down and dirty and daring. "

Website: www.jenncroftcosplay.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenncroftcosplay
DeviantArt: http://jenncroft.deviantart.com
Email: jenn.croft@yahoo.com

When did you first hear about Lara?
"I had always seen the Tomb Raider games in the stores but never really understood what it was and underestimated it until renting The Last Revelation for PS1 in '00. I figured why not, since I like the subject of ancient Egypt and enjoyed the Indiana Jones Movies"

How long have you been a Lara fan?
"I was hooked after playing The Last Revelation. Almost 9 years ago! From that moment on it became almost an obsession. Through the Tomb Raider fan community I have met a few of my best friends and a whole lot of incredibly cool people whom I cherish."

Favourite TR outfit?
"I really love the blue sports bra outfit
from the comic books but I also love
the practicality and sporty look of the
 Underworld outfit so you could say
I'm torn between the two."


Why do you cosplay Lara?
"I enjoy my adventures I have in the outfit; my Lara photoshoots have taken me to ruins, tropical jungles, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, to name a few. It also gives me a huge boost of confidence to see me transformed into a character that I and so many other people respect and look up to."

How do you assemble your outfits?
"First I get a bunch of reference photos and make a trip to the Tandy Leather Store and buy a bunch of leather sheets. I work fast and impatiently; if I start a project I have to finish it soon or it won't get done. I mostly eyeball my measurements and have gotten pretty lucky so far. I assemble everything that cannot be bought such as holsters, backpacks, gunbelts. Belt buckles I usually buy and modify or make directly out of FIMO. Gorilla Glue is one of my best friends and I also use a lot of leather riveting. I avoid sewing as much as possible since its tedious."

Favourite TR game?
"I enjoyed TR1 the most out of all of them. Legend would be a close second."

When did you get into cosplaying?
"In '00 I was researching the Lara outfit for a Halloween costume when I stumbled upon the lovely modeling photos of Lara Wellar. I was stunned and hypnotized. I tried to make my outfit that everything hers was. Then not too long after I stumbled upon Chuck Brite's Adventure Place site where I found that he held seasonal amateur look-a-like contests. My competitive nature immediately drew me to that and soon enough I was out there with a photographer. I felt that my extremely athletic backround would make me stand out, and so I tried every Lara move from the games as I possibly could to try to emulate the adventurous spirit of the character." 
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