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This section is for cosplayers who have contributed to the cosplay world immensely. Who's work is outstanding and worthy of celebration.

Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Julie }

1- Tell us about yourself.

"Hello ! My name is Julie ! I was born in 1988 and I live in France, really next to Switzerland.
I'm working for French army since 2008. And I'm really pleased to do it for my country.
I am a climber too. And love sports! :)
2- why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?
"Well Lara is my childhood idol, she is strong and pretty ! I really love to dress as her !! It's also a lot of fun !
I really like to go on conventions and meeting friends that are dressed as Lara too (I met Pitchoo(Julie) and Tif).
Moreover I met Philippe (alias Merlin) a photograph in september 2008 in Paris and it was like love at first sight. He came to see me on Strasbourg for Japan Addict convention in march 2009 and we had good time.
Now, we have in project to see each other and do more shoots ! :)
3- when did you first hear about lara?
"In december 1996 ! "

4- how long have you been a lara fan?
"Since 1996 when I was 8, my father bought our first Playstation. And bought the first Tomb Raider game ! :)
Then in 1997, my parents offered me my first tomb raider figurine in wetsuit and I wanted to collect most I found about Lara."

5- when did you get into cosplay?
"Hummm difficult to say.
I first dressed as Lara when I was 10 years old with things I have under my hand with the help of my father XD.
Then in 1999, I won a little "lara Croft" casting in Playstation magasine.
In 2005 I really wanted to re-start everything, to realise new outfits. My first convention was in 2007."

6- how do you assemble your outfits?
"I look to clothes in stores. And sometime it takes time to find some kind of thing that could be great.
Then I add details and sometimes sew them. It is the same for belt, buckle, backpack,... I made them by myself."

7- Favourite TR outfit
"Classic outfit !!! <3 And
the wetsuit of TRU XD

8- Favourite TR game
"The first and Anniversary.

9- what is your dream
lara croft costume?

"Humm don't know...



10- what is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"I realised Excalibur and a medipack ... maybe a new artefact like Thor's hammer..."

11- what are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds.

"strength, smarts, bravery, beauty, athletic"

12- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
"Yes ... a hug ... for reading me XD with my poor English.
And I give my links to my website!
And the forum I created with my friends
that dressed as Lara too!

They will find more and discover this
 passion that we share to ...Lara Croft !
<3 Kisses."

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