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Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Rachel }
Rachel has been a dear friend of mine since the Myspace days, She is an avid Lara fan and cosplayer, a wonderful girl, who's always there to help her fellow cosplayers, she's athletic, beautiful, kind, so funny and a valued part of the community and frankly one the best British Tomb Raider cosplayers. She will always go the extra mile to get the best shots that represent Lara, risking life and limb for her craft.

I wanted to feature her for a long time, and finally here is your chance to get to know her!

1- Tell us about yourself.

"Hello! My name is Raaaachel. My life mainly consists of video games, horses and ripping my hair out trying to complete a cosplay. I love going hiking with my friends and the dogs, I love spending time with my horses and going cross country with my horsie friends. Cosplay comes second to my animals, but it's still a huge part of my life. I use it as an outlet to express myself, It's fun taking on a new persona and becoming someone else and being recognised as your favourite character.. Especially as Lara. She's my idol and she's inspired me to be a strong, adventurous and to work hard to achieve my dreams."
2- Why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?

"I cosplay Lara because I want to BE Lara. I think that's why all of us cosplay her. Lara means so much to me, she was a huge part of my childhood and inspired me to be strong and brave and when I was growing up. She was the first character that I made a costume for when I started cosplaying and I continue to cosplay her now."
3- How did you first hear about lara?

"My dad bought a PS1 for Christmas in 1996, and among a bundle of games he bought for it was Tomb Raider and I got instantly hooked watching my dad play it."
4- How long have you been a lara fan?
1996, so 17 years?"
5- When did you get into cosplay?
"My friends invited me to MCM expo with them in 2008, they cosplayed some characters from an anime and they made me cosplay one of the characters from the same series, I never knew anything about cosplay and how diverse it is at the time. It inspired me to make my own costumes and to choose characters that I want to cosplay. :)"
6- How do you assemble your outfits?
"Blood, sweat and superglue."
7- Favourite TR outfit:
"I adore Lara's default outfit and the Archery outfit in the new Tomb Raider. But pre-reboot I'd have to say the TR:II London Catsuit"
8- Favourite TR game:
Reboot and Tomb Raider 4"
9- What do you think of the movies?
"As films themselves they're great, kinda dated now but they were really good. I remember how excited I was as a kid seeing "the real life Lara" Now I watch them and I just don't think Angie made a good Lara. I adore Angelina Jolie as a person, just not as Lara Croft haha."
10- What is your favourite boss fight/puzzle in your favourite game?
"My favourite boss fight is the final boss in the new Tomb Raider. The ending is so nostalgic, I screamed and flailed!"
11- How do you feel about the new origins story?
I loved it. Certainly a gripping story and I felt I could develop my own relationship with certain characters. I do wonder how they're going to further the Tomb Raider franchise now, as Lara is back to her hardened-survivor-badass self the elements of scared, inexperienced Lara won't return."
12- What is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"The new one? A BACKPACK. Seriously Lara, stop shoving priceless artefacts in your butt!"
13- Who takes your photos, and what kind of equipment do you use?
"A mixture of different talented photographers and sometimes my friends. I work with so many extraordinary photographers and I LOVE the results they all produce. They use fancy-pansty big ass cameras and that's all I can tell you xD"
14- What are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds?
"The fact that she's so persistent and down to earth. Lara wouldn't just leave anyone behind, her heart is in the right place."
15- What is your dream Lara croft costume?
"OH. Classic Lara definitely. I hope to do it justice one day."
16- Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers?
"Relax and have fun!! :) Don't worry about what other's do or say, negativity only breeds more negativity. Just smile, rise above it and carry on smashing out EPIC cosplays. <3"
17- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?

Thank youuu <3 "
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