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Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Colette }
I met Colette on Facebook, she began cosplaying in February and was very excited to join the Tomb Raider Cosplay community and so requested to be featured, so without further adieu, everyone this is Colette!

1- Tell us about yourself...
My name is Colette Von Cröftlitz. I'm from Prague (Czech Republic). I was born on 2nd August 1993.I´m a model, graphic and fashion designer

2- Why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?
From a childhood I was always interested in Lara and she always was one of favorites. She's my ideal woman in many aspects and that's why I cosplay her.
3- When did you first hear about Lara?
I was 3 years old when I first heard about Lara and my father brought Tomb Raider 2 at home. As soon as the installation of TR2 has completed, I started to play that day.

4- How long have you been a Lara fan?
I have been her fan since 1996. About 16 years

5- When did you get into cosplay?
Everybody tells me, that I look like Angelina Jolie in the face and my body looks like Lara´s body.
This made my father and my friends say, "You should take some photos like cosplay Lara and this photos send to Crystal Dynamics".

I have found it very interesting. After that I have gone to look for the cosplayers and models of Lara on the internet. I was absolutely amazed (I think that was Tiphaine and Jenn) and I have decided to become the one of the cosplay models of Lara. All of this happened not long ago (February 2012)
6- How do you assemble your outfits?
My first outfit was the classic jungle outfit of Tomb Raider Underworld and it was made by bespoke.

7- Favourite TR outfit
This question is very difficult, because I like almost every Lara´s outfit, but my most favourite outfits of her are Classic Outfit, Underworld jungle costume, Underworld Wetsuit, Legend dress in Tokyo and TR3 Latex catsuit in London
8- Favourite TR game
I love the most Tomb Raider 2, because it was my first game and biggest of my childhood. I really likeTomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider Legend as well.

9- What is your dream Lara croft costume?
I would like to realize every Lara´s costume, but at this moment I want to have Underworld Wetsuit and Legend dress the most

10- What is the one item  you would add to Lara's outfit?
I don´t know, because I think that every outfit of hers is completely amazing
11- What qualities do you most like about Lara?
Dangerousness and beauty, mind, courageousness and emotional strength

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Especially I would like to thank Sara. It is pleasure to me, that I can have a special place on her amazing web site. I would like to thank you too for reading and much kisses for my fans and Lara's fans

Colette taking photos with her fans.
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