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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Costume breakdown

To cosplay this costume, you will need the following

  • The whole costume reference:


  • The top: Just a plain black top, looks like a belly shirt

  • The shorts: they are green, with a military jungle pattern

  • The guns and gloves: The gloves are standard black biker gloves, and the guns are silver and black  much like the Legend ones, check HERE to see how Melanie painted her plastic guns to look like real ones

  • The backpack: sorry about the bad quality pic, the backpack is black with a brown outline and brown fasteners

  • The belt and holsters:

    Tutorial coming soon!
  • The Boots: Brown boots with white socks and beige tips and straps

  • Hair and Makeup:

    Hair tutorial available HERE
    Makeup tutorial



Other Outfits

Long pants

All Denim look