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How to make the Tomb Raider Guns, by Relic Raider.
These are the same exact guns throughout several Tomb Raider games and a movie

Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

Lara Croft and the Guardian of light

Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider 2001 Movie

Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris
I took my really old plastic guns and upgraded them with a paint job.  all they were before was squirt guns with primers on them..

ok what you need to "Raid up" plastic toy guns
 * Two matching plastic toy pistols
 * spray on primer paint, grey is what I used.
 * newspapers for the floor/ground
 * black crafter paint
 * Grey crafter paint- I made my own grey paint with black and Loads of white
 * Silver crafter paint- note: the stuff I used was semi transparent that's why the grey paint is important.
 * Acrylic spray on sealer.

1. Now for anything that you use spray on either go outside and do it or in the garage not inside because it stinks up the place for a few hours.

Another thing I strongly recommend is to read the directions on the spray can before using, and put the plastic pistols on newspapers. Once you did onside, let it dry and do the other, the top and bottom. I only used one coat but two is best just to make sure either you missed a spot or some of the original pistols colors are showing through the first coat.

2. I then painted them completely black then once that was dry, I made the grey paint as I mixed it in an empty film canister. Shaking it doesn't mix well but then stirred it with an chopstick (because I didn't want to make a mess all over my desk and floor).

It's very important to have a reference picture when you apply the grey on, if it doesn't really work with the guns well, get creative (like I did) and paint it to make it work to look like the real deal. Let it dry again. I let them dry in a box like container like this...

Here's a tip what I usually do when I paint certain surfaces except for canvases, I dry my brushes always (either paper towel, or even toilet paper and Kleenex works) before putting paint on them for a finer look, water makes the paint run most times especially with crafter's paint.

3. Apply the silver on, you'll need two coats of it, for a metal look. I applied the silver in up/ down thinly then overlapped.
Let it dry, then add the black on the barrel top area with a small (basic) detail brush, you may or may not need an extra coat. (of course I didn't exactly do it that way but I was still able to add it later.)

4. The sealer I had gives it a nice shiny look, I did this outside first on newspaper, then in a box to do the tops and bottom. Let each side dry before continuing on to the other side, mine took at least 15 minutes each side so although I left it outside I gave it a bit extra time just in case.