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I may run this website but I don't run this entire community without help, it takes a small army of kickass friends that back me up and keep everyone happy, here they are!


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 Website Administrator




Duties: Website Maintenance and updates, Tutorial creator, Moderating forums, facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, Cosplayer Scout
Store owner and prop fabricator

.: About Sara :.



Joana Mona Carla
Duties: DeviantArt group admin, Facebook group admin, twitter page admin, forum admin, Cosplayer scout Duties: The stunning Mona was recently recruited as the facebook page manager. Duties: Game expert and Reviewer, Facebook page admin, Also Chief Makeup artist
"I am so thrilled to welcome Joana to! thank you so much for joining forces with me, in creating a massive Tomb Raider cosplay community :) x" Sara

.: About Joana :.

"I am so overjoyed welcome Mona to the crew! She is such an amazing girl, her talents must be celebrated! Thank you for joining us"  Sara

.: About Mona :.

"Carla is your ultimate hardcore Tomb Raider gamer and at the same time a very talented makeup artist whose going to share her skills with us through a series of videos soon!, thank you Carla for joining us!"  Sara
About Carla :.
Support Staff & Contributors
Kristen Scaredee-Kat Eugene McCabe

The gorgeous Kristen helps us run the forum, as a moderator and tutorial contributor

The beautiful Kat, also helps us run the official forums as a moderator and tutorial contributor

Eugene is an awesome 3d rendering artist and he's been kind enough to work with us on designing all the page banners that feature Lara. In addition to providing excellent reference pictures for the game costumes
Tutorial Submittals

Other Contributions

  • Linny
  • Emely
  • Nehta
  • Julia
  • Eirwen
  • Jolien
  • Monica
  • Melanie
  • klaudia aka blonde lara
  • Meagan Marie
  • Jenn Croft
  • Katie Flemming
  • Abby Dark-Star
  • EJ Sephirayne
  • Chaka Cumberbatch
  • Marlon Hormel