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If you are attending or planning on attending PGW in Paris, France this year, why not help break a world record of the most People dressed as Lara Croft , all together in one place at one time!
Please read the following carefully and visit the relevant links as to ensure you understand the official rules provided by Guinness World Records for this attempt so that your costume qualifies towards the record. 

[ Source: Meagan Marie - Senior Community and Communications Manager ]

What you need to know: Francais/ Espaniol/ Nederlandse
This record is for the largest gathering of people dressed as Lara Croft in a single venue. This record is to be attempted by a group of unlimited size. This record is measured by number of participants. The record goal is 250 participants.


All participants must be dressed in a full Lara Croft costume from the Tomb Raider series. They must be immediately recognizable as Lara Croft.

A full costume reflecting a "classic" Lara Croft must consist of at a minimum:
  • Blue/grey tank-top
  • Brown/tan cargo shorts
  • Black belt
  • Tall brown or black tactical/work/hiking boots
  • A leg gun-holster on each leg
  • White socks
  • Shoulder-length dark hair, in a ponytail or braid

As an alternative a costume reflecting the "rebooted" incarnation of Lara Croft may be used, and must consist of at a minimum:

  • Blue/grey tank-top
  • Brown/tan cargo trousers
  • Brown belt
  • Brown belt gun-holster (outside the waistband)
  • Tall brown or black tactical/work/hiking boots
  • Necklace with a green pendant
  • Shoulder-length brown hair in a ponytail

Other Lara Croft representations are acceptable, provided that they are from officially recognized and licensed media.

Participants wishing to dress as an alternative representation of Lara Croft must bring an official photo, still, or promotional image depicting the representation they hope to replicate to the attempt. Otherwise, the organizers can supply this photo.

It is the responsibility of the independent witnesses to compare the participant's costume to the photo and verify the acceptability of the costume.

The ultimate eligibility and the acceptability of costumes to be considered for the attempt remains at the discretion of Guinness World Records.

This record requires all participants to be dressed as Lara Croft. Other characters from the Tomb Raider universe are
not acceptable.

Get started now by registering here.

  • Can I dress as another character in the Tomb Raider universe?
    - No, all participants must dress as Lara Croft. However, they can dress as any version of Lara in franchise history, including young Lara.
  • Do I need the dual pistols or bow and arrows to participate?
    - No, we request that all weapons are left at home for this gathering to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. Instead, we suggest you bring an artifact to pose with!
  • Can men participate?
    - Absolutely! Please note that all Lara Croft incarnations must have long hair in a braid or a ponytail.
  • Can men have facial hair?
    - Yes! This is a record for the most people dressed as Lara Croft. As long as you meet the costume requirements, you will be counted towards the total.
  • Are we allowed to wear wigs?
    - Yes! If you donít have natural long hair we request you to wear a wig to fulfil the costume criteria.
  • Is the Doppelganger Version allowed?
    - Unfortunately the Doppelganger is not allowed!