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EJ Sephirayne - What cosplay should be about...
I remember a time when cosplay was a hobby. It was badly done but people still had a laugh and enjoyed themselves anyway. It was about a love of a character or show. Sometimes it helped artistic people like me express our creativity. It wasn’t a popularity contest. It wasn’t about who gets to be famous. It wasn’t about tits and ass. It wasn’t about drama. It was a community where people shared a common interest and encouraged others to explore new techniques. Everyone commented on each others progress. People had fun even in competitions which I don’t see as much these days. If cosplayers did become well know (which was incredibly rare) it was for they’re talent not for how much skin they showed.

While the social media increase has helped the community get a little bigger and more world wide it has encouraged a more negative beast. While the average skill level has increased where people are producing such beautiful pieces of work the level of jealousy has also increased. I honestly think that pages like the ‘like’ pages aren’t helping. I have no issue with the pages themselves but I do think they are adding to this growing problem.

I honestly am very sad with how cosplay has become these days. No one should be jealous of each other or fighting each other to see who is the best or most famous. The very community spirit which I loved is dying out because of these changes. To be frank, it is slowly putting me off being part of it.

I would love it if it went back to the cosplay/costuming world I knew and loved. A world where I could be so many amazing characters and enjoy spending time with friends who shared that love. A world where people supported one another and appreciated amazing talent without the need to be bitchy or jealous. While the cosplay world I knew wasn’t perfect (there still could be the odd drama) it was one that I loved being part of.

Can we please stop destroying this amazing hobby that I have met so many lovely people through. Can we please turn it back to the community it once was. Thank you.

EJ - costumer since 1990 (can sew, loves crossplay and can derp amazingly well).
Thank you so much for allowing us to repost this article for our audience.