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Abby Dark-star - About cosplay...

In this world of make believe, you’d think that everything is always fairy dust and rainbows, but it isn’t. We have all seen the negative impacts of costuming/cosplay. We’ve seen the comments, the articles and the reactions. I’ve been costuming for a number of years now. I am still relatively new compared to some; my husband for instance has been doing this since about the year 2000.

Sara asked me to give you my thoughts about cosplay. I’m going to give you one integral one. Whatever reason you do it for- do it whole heartedly and know that you will have reactions to what your actions are. I have a different reason for dressing up than you might. No one’s reason is better than others. Some cosplayers want to break into an industry like reality TV for example and see cosplay as a way to get their name out there. Whatever reason you do it for, know that you may be judged. You may be evaluated. Those comments you may get may not always be kind- but know that as long as you put yourself out there, you will get something back. Not all of it is bad; there will be people who will reach out to help you, to compliment and to communicate with you. Keeping a positive frame of mind, not feeding any drama will help you enjoy the hobby.

This is my experience.
I have had plenty bad things said about me for all sorts of reasons. Over the years I have made my own mistakes and haven’t always behaved my best, or acted kindly. Through those mistakes though you learn to mature and be a better person and a better costumer. Take it from me, if you can avoid it, avoid it early. It can follow you and in this hobby, some never forget.
I get comments too. Most recently I did a ‘fanservice’ or sexy version of a female Master Chief from Halo. Without knowing me, or how much I enjoy the Franchise, I was immediately accused of “bastardizing the character” and other demeaning language. I was accused of being a slut, an attention whore. All by people who had no idea of who I was. Those comments did make me upset, but in the end, how I act and what I show (ie my craft/love of characters) will define me much more than the commentary of any keyboard commentator.
So. Keep your head up. Enjoy what you want to enjoy and continue to support the community by being a fan! Share your work! I’d love to see it!

Abby and Keith: Keabtium