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Lara Croft & Cosplay Nudity 
By Sara Croft
The complicated relationship between Lara Croft and nude cosplay has been fiercely debated for years, some people are all for it, some people can't even stand the renders shown here.

So I wanted to present to my ideas and thoughts on the subject.
As a web admin of this site, I have seen it all, cosplayers across the world, each with their own interpretation of Lara, 99% are great, but when you see a cosplayer strip down to her birthday suit for what she calls "cosplay" , I have to admit, it does upset me a little.

I do understand that most people, men or women, depending on personal tastes, have no problem with seeing photos like that, the die hard community of fans do not like it, they consider it a violation of the character. Lara is the apple of our eye, we do not want to see her image tarnished.

Now, on this site, you will never EVER see a nude picture of a cosplayer as Lara, I made a solemn vow to never feature such things here, it's a PG website and we even have underage girls on the site, their parents have been contacted to get permission to post their photos, and I don't want to betray that trust.

I'm not the only one that banned nude raider, even crystal dynamics agree, one of their conditions for being part of the Tomb Raider fansite program is to not host any nude photos of Lara. and I wholeheartedly comply.
I came to the conclusion that there is only one reasoning behind it.

Cosplayers do it for the fame and attention, they use Lara because of who she is, for example; Very little people will ever be interested in seeing a nude character that's not very popular, but because it's Lara, It's a fantasy that a lot of people would very much love.

These "cosplayers" are capitalizing on the fact that Lara is a huge deal and getting more and more famous.
The way I've always seen it is, If you go as far as Lara herself, IE: hiding behind a pillow or are under a sheet, then it is acceptable, because the renders like the one on the right , are official art works, and the cosplayer is doing nothing more than representing the character.

If you take if beyond that and let it all hang out, then that's not ok, It is considered nothing more than attention seeking and misrepresenting a beloved hero of ours, there is no excuse for it. but that's just my opinion.

Tereza as Lara, Implied sensuality as opposed to bare sexuality

Gracious & lovely