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[ Rise of the Tomb Raider - Rifle Ammo Pouch Tutorial]

By Jenn Croft

This was a fun little project to do and didn't take a whole lot of money to make since I had leather from other projects. Here is what I used:

15"x15" piece of untanned medium/thick leather hide

1 small strip of medium/thick leather hide for the closure tab on the lid

two strips and one tiny strip of brown garment quality leather (from remnants)

Button Stud- $3.50ea

Waxed Polyester Thread- $5

Dye (Dark Mahogany and Dark Brown)- $13

2x small rivets

sewing awl (speedy stitcher)-$27

diluted bleach water

plastic scrubbing brush



This pouch was patterned by Meagan Marie. It's pretty a pretty simple three piece box pattern, with a front, a back that includes a flip down lid, and one long strip for the three walls. I cut out the pattern in the thick leather first.

Then I started sewing the brown strip leather to the front piece going all the way around the sides and bottom of the front part of the pouch.

I did the same with the back/lid of the pouch, attaching it to the side walls and adding decorative stitches along the edge of the lid. After I did that I sewed the small strip of thick leather to the lid to act as a closure tab, making sure to sew all around the perimeter of the strip to add detail to the pouch.

After I did that I added a hole to the closure tab and added the button stud to the round part on the front of the pouch.

You can see how the pouch closes with the button stud. I had to make the hole relatively large to accomodate this. You can do this with a dremel or a leather hole punch and then add two slits on the top and bottom of the hole to make it open wider but still close around the button stud.

Once the pouch was assembled I dyed it with a mixture of dark mahogany with a tiny bit of dark brown added. Immediately after it was dyed the pouch took on a VERY dark color and so I took my mixture of bleach water and a brush and scrubbed the leather to lighten these areas and make the pouch look sun bleached and aged. I then added some scratches and scuffs so it looks adequately beat-up.

After that was done I decided to add a belt loop on the back so it can slide right onto my gunbelt. This was what the small strip of garment leather is for. Rivet the strip to the pouch on the top and the bottom of the strip, allowing enough space inbetween for a belt to fit.

Next it was time to add the rifle cartridges. I found some once-fired 30-06 caliber brass cartridges online that would do very nicely. Problem is, I needed something to fill the bottom of the pouch since the cartridges aren't long enough to fill the entire window of the pouch. This is where syrofoam comes into play. I cut a piece the proper size and lined the bottom of the pouch with it and pressed each brass casing into it to hold it in place.

Once that was done I got something that looks like this. All ready for an adventure!