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Tomb Raider Necklace by Laura Dennis
Video Tutorial: 

Reference photo:

What you will need:

  • FIMO modelling clay (any colour - we'll paint it later!)
  • Cutting Board
  • Craft Knife
  • Rolling Pin (cover with clingfilm so you don't stain it)
  • Brown Cord
  • Small circular objects as guides (e.g. keyrings, bottle caps)
  • Jewellery 'Endings'
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Jewellery Pliers

To begin with, I cut one quarter of a standard sized block of FIMO. I bought 'emerald green' as they had it in stock but it wasn't necessary as I fully covered it in paint in the end, so you could just get white.

I warmed the block in my hands to make it malleable and rolled it out into a small circle. I used a small bottle cap to press a hole in the bottom. I then started carefully working all of the details in with a craft knife. I used a cocktail stick for the small holes in the design. It's best to do little bits at a time rather than trying to cut out large chunks at once; it's easier to cut out more bit by bit than to try to correct it if you cut out too much! I worked through about three designs before I was happy with it.

[tip: if you find you're leaving fingerprints on your clay, smooth out a small piece of cling film over it. Rub the cling film with your fingers and when you pull it off, the clay is smooth again and there will be no indentations!]

I then baked it in the oven at 110C/230F, for 30 minutes. I left it to cool so that it would set and then began painting. It will take several coats of paint in different colors to achieve the desired shading effect. I used acrylic paint, mixing green with white for lighter areas, and green with black for the shadows. I studied the render picture to decide where the shadows would fall. When I was happy with the paint job I set it with a 'gloss varnish' paint, although you can use hairspray.

Lara's necklace has two pieces of cord: one fits almost like a choker around her neck and the other hangs a little lower to suspend the pendant.

Measure your 2 pieces around your neck and cut to the appropriate length. To suspend the pendant, fold the longer piece of cord in half; push the fold point through the top hole in the pendant, from front to back. You'll have a small loop peeking out of the back now. Take the 2 sides of the cord together from the front and pull them through that loop and you'll have tied it just the same way Lara does.

To tie my necklace I attached endings to both pieces of cord using pliers (slot the cord into the ending, crimp it together with pliers) and used small loop 'findings' to link them together. I attached a lobster clasp to one side and that's how it connects! If that's a bit of a hassle, you could just tie your necklace in a knot each time. I just did this because ultimately it will be easier to put on and remove and it will be more secure than tying a knot. Whatever works for you!

Hope you have fun making the necklace! - Laura