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[ Tomb Raider Chronicles Secret Golden Rose ]

By Anonymous
Difficulty Level:
Cost Effective:

Time Consumption:

  • Template
  • Long Toothpick / Party Stick
  • Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The rose was pretty easy and it really took longer to design the Template on the computer than it actually took to make the rose itself.

1 - First you can start by printing out the Template on a A4 page, either on a white page that can be painted or gold or if you are lucky to find the proper gold colour.

2 - As always the stores are always sold out when I am looking for something so I simply printed my pattern on a yellow page but it still did not look right and decided to make it gold. First start by cutting out all of the pieces, take the scissors and curl the sides of the peddles, except for peddle (1) and the leaves (7).

3 - With that out of the way I grabbed the golden acrylic paint and painted everything, including the long toothpick.

4 - After painted both sides and let I dry completely, most of the peddles seemed to have been straight again but still had a little curl towards it and the fun started.

5 - So take peddle 1 and roll it around the long toothpick, you can do this a few times for it to get the shape and then before gluing it in that position you can remove the toothpick. The glue I used dried within seconds, perhaps a minute so I just held the peddle in the place while it dried.

6 - Doing almost the same to peddle 2, instead of curling it around the toothpick, I curled it around the first peddle. Adding a little bit of glue at the bottom part of the peddle and placed it against the first peddle. Holding it to dry again.

7 - Doing the same process again for peddle 3 but this time it went around peddle 2, and after waited a little bit long for the glue to dry, just in case.

8 - Now that the inner part of the Rose is complete, the 3 outer peddles can be glued (pattern 4,5 & 6). Pattern 4 has 3 peddles, pattern 5 has 4 and pattern 6 has 5 peddles and each of them has a small extra piece that will be used to glue them together or in this case a circle effect. Placing a little bit of glue on the backside of that extra piece and move it over towards the peddle next to it. Taking note that the extra piece must be on the inside when this is glued. (Please take note that this first photo only show where the glue must be located but at the backside of the peddles)

9 - After completing pattern 4,5 & 6, you can if you want, cut a small hole at the bottom of the 3 patterns but I was too afraid that the hole would be too big and only cut a small hole in pattern 4 to stabilize the first 3 peddles that will be in the middle. Gluing the first part (pattern 1,2 & 3) inside of pattern 4 with 3 peddles.

10 - After repeating the process with pattern 5, placing pattern 4 inside pattern 5 and waiting for the glue to dry again, you can fold the leaves that is pattern 7, just folding it down the middle of each leave and the middle almost looking like a triangle.

11 - Again you can place pattern 6 in pattern 5 and cut a very small hole in the middle of the leaves. Also trimming the long toothpick towards your desired length, I roughly cut the pick at 12cm / 5 inches.

12 - And finally the last step, placing the three pieces together, I used the front of the toothpick to make a hole through the rose, I pushed it though from the top, removed it again and inserted it at the bottom, the leaves followed and simply placed a drop of glue on both contact areas to keep it in place.

And that is it, easy to make and hardly anything is needed.