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Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Rident }

- Tell us about yourself.
"Hi, my names Steve. Some know me in the gaming community as Rident. Im an accountant by day, and an avid gamer during my evenings and weekends. I tend to be most active on Twitter social media and have a rather close relationship with people within the gaming industry, to whom I offer my assistance with their demonstration booths at conventions. "
- How did you first hear about Lara / Tomb Raider?
"I am within the old school crowd and heard about Tomb Raider and this new female protagonist Lara before the release of the game through the magazines I used to read back then. I was mostly drawn toward the game, which came across like an Indiana Jones style adventure and sported some pretty impressive 3D graphics for the time. This was an instant buy for me. Bonus of being a Sega Saturn owner was getting it before some of my friends on PlayStation."
- When did you get into cosplay? what attracted you to it?
"As a kid, I liked to dress up. I then hit a stage when it felt a bit silly (among friends) and avoided it for many years. After going to my first conventions and seeing the fantastic cosplay people wore of various familiar characters, I wanted to do it myself but was a bit shy to do it. It was when I re-played Tomb Raider Anniversary that I thought, Pierre looks like a character I could cosplay. Having made many new cosplay friends in the Tomb Raider community through the 2012/13 marketing campaign for Tomb Raider, I constructed the costume to wear at the MCM London expo in May 2013. I have since changed a few things and improved the outfit"
- Why do you cosplay, what does it mean to you?
Cosplay to me is a slight escapism from the norm. This works both for being another character for a day or weekend and to wear something a little different than my standard day-to-day attire. I loved it when gathered together with fellow fans and cosplayers within the same franchise like Tomb Raider. All being in cosplay together and posing for photos etc. feels like being part of an extended family, and is a feeling I dont get when in my regular clothes working on the expo booths."
- How do you assemble your outfits?
"I have not done any costumes which are overly complex and in honesty have not done much in the way for making pieces such as holsters and props. The costumes I have put together have mostly come from careful examination of characters and finding the iconic pieces over the internet, in shops etc. which resemble the outfit pieces as closely as I can get them. I have made some amendments to the pieces such as some slight weathering and painting of the pistols used for the costume props.
I do sometimes make changes such as what I did with Pierres sweater, which I decided to wear a thinner roll-neck instead of the thick woollen one he wears. This was done as a means of comfort whilst at conventions, which for those who have been in costume will know, it can get a little hot and uncomfortable over time."
- What is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"I have not done a Lara Croft outfit, though have in plans the Nevada outfit from Tomb Raider III to construct as a gender-bend costume. If I were to add an item to the outfit, it would definitely be a prop which coincides with the game I am cosplaying from. For example, to match the Nevada outfit, I would try and add the meteorite artefact which corresponds to the level (Element 115). For Von Croy, I hope to make an Ankh Key to replicate the Amulet of Horus."
- What are your favourite qualities that Lara upholds?:
"I really admire Lara for her strength, intelligence and determination. She keeps going when the situations get tough. She battles her way, without fear through many mythical horrors including gods, live statues, dinosaurs and the undead. She also maintains so much knowledge through her travels and is almost able to decipher any ancient languages she encounters."
- Favourite TR Character:
"Lara Croft It goes without saying that Lara is what makes the games and stories what they are. She is a fantastic role model and well-designed character as shes relatable, yet someone we can look up to for her knowledge and strength."
- Favourite TR outfit:
"Jungle Pants (Tomb Raider Underworld) While not my favourite game, I think the Jungle Pants outfit really captures Laras adventurous character and iconic look, whilst also being one of the most practical and versatile outfits for exploration. I also really love the aviator jacket."
- Favourite TR game:
Tomb Raider (1996) I have for a while had the debates with myself over whether I rate Tomb Raider or sequel Tomb Raider II as my favourite in the series, but having played both again recently I can comfortably say I have a little more love for the original title. It lacks the diversity with regards to moves, weapons, vehicles etc., but I just really love the levels and puzzles throughout the first game and it truly has some of the best wow moments throughout."
- What do you think of the movies?
"I actually enjoy the movies, though I do tend to separate them from the games. I believe Angelina Jolie was a great Lara Croft, the outfits were fantastic and captured the character, and the exotic relic filled locations were very much what Id expect from Tomb Raider. The writing and side characters however failed to capture the essence of Tomb Raider in many ways, but as an action flick geared toward those who have only heard of the brand/character, they do the job and make for an entertaining watch."
- What is your favourite boss fight/puzzle in your favourite game?
"My favourite puzzle ties in with my favourite level, which is the Tomb of Qualopec. Basically the level is a puzzle in itself which involves trying to hit the three switches to access the room holding the first piece of the Scion. My favourite sub-puzzle in that level however is the room through the bird door which has the moving columns. I recall my first time with that level and puzzle and spending hours trying to work out what to do (before the days of internet guides). I think the puzzle is nicely done
and incorporates some thinking. The rooms its set in is fantastically vibrant and so different to the places Lara has ventured to reach that point, and the Scion reward for hitting the three switches is more than satisfactory."
- How do you feel about the new origins story?
II think sometimes its good to reset and start afresh, which is what the 2013 reboot has done. Ive really enjoyed the new stories and playing through the new evolution of Lara Croft. The games dont take away the love I have for the classics as I can return to those whenever I wish to. Whilst the puzzles are a little simple in comparison to the games of old, I rather like the reboot for the story, new characters, locations and relics. I feel Lara does still maintain her iconic identity, whilst having many new traits such as her survival instincts. A few changes the reboot did which I was not so happy with were her reliance on others, which I felt stripped some of her own intelligence, lack of swimming and no iconic dual pistols.

Laras motivation for progressing in the story in Tomb Raider (2013) was not what I would expect of Miss Croft. Id have expected her drive to have been more focused on discovery and uncovering the truth behind the myths of Yamatai and Himiko. Some of these niggles were addressed in the Rise of the Tomb Raider sequel, which I rate rather highly. I wont go into details though for those who have not had the opportunity to play the game. Another thing I do love about the reboot games are the variety of new costumes and seeing many cosplayers take on Laras new looks when at conventions. "
- What is your dream Lara croft costume?
"As mentioned above, Id love to work on a male version of Laras Nevada outfit from Tomb Raider III. I have also wanted to cosplay Tomb Raider (2013) villain, Mathias from the camp fire scene where he snatches Sam. For that, I would really need to work on his neck piece as most of the other costume bits should not be too difficult. "
- Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers?
"If like me you think you lack the craft skills and are a bit nervous to cosplay, then it may be helpful find a more simple costume to construct using more normal clothing pieces. There are plenty of helpful resources to be found if you want more advanced hand crafted gear whether its to have something commissioned or make it yourself. Dont worry yourself too much your costume is not good enough, because once out at a convention you will fit in, fans will recognise your character and youll leave there feeling glad you did it. I had this experience myself. Also post up your cosplay progress or completed costume to a friendly and supportive community group such as the Tomb Raider Cosplay community as they will give some great feedback, which will further improve confidence. I could not be happier that I did that myself."
More At Rident's Gallery here.