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Featured Cosplayer is...
{ EMC Ivy }
EMC Ivy is a french veteran cosplayer whose outfits and pictures always impressed the community and beyond. I've always been a huge fan of hers, she's sweet, kind, loving and a pillar of the community, I am honored to interview her so you too get to know her better.

1- Tell us about yourself.
"Hi! I am a fan of Lara and cosplay my nickname is EMC Ivy, I am 25 years old and I live in Toulouse, France.
2- Why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?
"I discovered Lara when I was a child thanks to my father who played Tomb Raider 2 on the computer.
I liked the look of Lara, her clothes , her voice, how brave she was, as well as being a strong heroine who travelled.

I always liked Egypt, legends and myth of the world. So it was a bonus having that in game too. I also adored the change in outfit for every level so i decided to cosplay her."
3- How did you first hear about lara?
"I've known about Lara since Tomb Raider 2."

By Mickael Dominguez
4- When did you get into cosplay?
At the beginning I did not know cosplay, I always loved dressing up and dreamt of having a real Lara Croft costume.
I was first introduced to it by Captain Alban's website, before Facebook the place to find all the cosplayers was blogs and sites. seeing all those girls.
I said to myself "I could never make that! "

I started by making a blog about Lara , then more and more girls popped up dressed as Lara so i made a blog about cosplayers, i did not dare dress like Lara myself.

1 or 2 years later I had an accident, I had to remain at my home not able to move, that was when i decided to take the plunge and cosplay and I tried my first convention."

by Nelson photographer
5- How do you assemble your outfits?
"The question is too broad, it all depends on the item or the accessories but with Lara,  fabric and leather often turns into backpacks and hosters ^^"

By Mickael Dominguez
6- How do your friends and family feel about your cosplay?
A few of my friends make costumes also thus we have fun together and it allowed me to meet amazing people including my boyfriend,
so from then on we cosplay as a couple, my family either enjoyes it of makes fun ot it"

by Eric de Sorrente
7- Favourite TR outfit:
8- Favourite TR game:
Tomb Raider 2 for the nostalgia!"
9- What do you think of the movies?
"i'm not very a big fan of movies, but I love the choice of Angelina Jolie to embody Lara,  it was really the perfect choice for me! But I regret the infidelities of the movie to the game. for example the absence of Winston, It was a pity that Angelina's portrail had nothing to do with the classic game"
10- What is your favorite boss fight/puzzle in your favorite game?
"Difficult question!  we established that TR2 is my favourite so The dragon in TR 2 ofcourse"
11- How do you feel about the new origins story?
"I liked it but for me, the Lara I liked died. The game was great but for me it was not Tomb Raider. Thus a little disappointed.
I approached it as more of a new character , rather the Lara i know, Although i am waiting for the continuation
, so we will see."
12- What is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"Good question! Many things! I liked the choice of the color , I would say a touch of color for a bag or the holsters!"
13- Who takes your photos, and what kind of equipment do you use?
""Friends, professionals, and amateur photographers or my boyfriend."

by photographe photogeny
14- What are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds?
"strong, belligerent, beautiful, cultured ....."

by photographe photogeny
15- What is your dream Lara croft costume?
""My dream costume is the classic
outfit, but to take the photos in places and conditions that most resemble the game so the photos would be the most faithful to the original."

by crazyball photography
16- Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers?
""Yes I would say that if you want to cosplay, you should not hesitate, it is a beautiful experience and you will meet amazing people. Although I would also tell you not to mix cosplay with your private life, and to meet critics with courage and not let nasty comments get to you.
People who do not know cosplay will most likely be jealous and not understand what we do, so don't worry about the negativity, like any other hobby cosplay has good and bad people in it."
17- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
""Thank you for reading up until the end
Sorry for my bad English
If you have other questions or if you want to follow the work of my boyfriend and I, do not hesitate I always answers private messages on my page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMC-Cosplay/158410700885350