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Featured Cosplayer is...
{ Jill Styler }
Jill is a huge Tomb Raider fan from Spain, She's always been a breath of fresh air to be around in the tomb raider community, sharing wonderful photos and being so lovely in them.
Jill really capture's Lara's attitude and aura beautifully, not to mention the striking physical resemblance. She is among the most perfect Lara cosplayers out there! Here is her featured cosplayer of the month interview so you can get to know her better

1- Tell us about yourself.

"My name is Jill. I'm Spanish and I was born
February 19th  1995. In addition to cosplay, my other passion is
drawing. I'm studying drawing, comic, digital and traditional illustration"
2- Why do you cosplay Lara, what does it mean to you?

"During my childhood, Lara Croft was my heroine. I didn't have a good childhood because there were girls who
used to tease me about my body. Lara Croft was my friend and made me stronger. It's amazing and great fun
when I cosplay her."
3- How did you first hear about lara?

"You could say that I was born with Lara Croft. In 1997, when i was 3 years old I saw my father while he was
playing Tomb Raider 2. So he introduced me in Lara Croft's world and since then I became a big fan of her"
4- When did you get into cosplay?
"I started doing cosplays in 2007. My first cosplay event was in 2008 and i went to it with my parents. In 2009 I
started going to cosplay events with my friend

5- How do you assemble your outfits?
""First I play the game and see the details of the clothes, then I look for images on the Internet or I take pictures on the guide. If I find similar clothes I usually improve them but if I can't do that I buy the fabric and sew the suit
6- Favourite TR outfit:
My favourite TR outfit is Tomb raider legend and Tomb Raider Underworld jungle shorts"

7- Favourite TR game:
Tomb Raider III and Tomb Raider Legend"
8- What do you think of the movies?
"I love the tomb raider movies, Angelina Jolie nails the role of lara croft and her face is very similar to the
drawings of tomb raider comics."
9- What is your favourite boss fight/puzzle in your favourite game?
"The final part of tomb raider legend, when Lara fights against the monster of Amanda and uses Excalibur"
10- How do you feel about the new origins story?
I loved the story so much, the graphics expressions of Lara are amazing because they show her vulnerability. But
in my opinion the classic will always have their charm"
11- What is the one item you would add to the croft outfit?
"A knife and a rope"
12- Who takes your photos, and what kind of equipment do you use?
"Most of my photos did by my parents did. Current photos are by my friend and professional photographer Jonathan Duran"
13- What are your favorite qualities that Lara upholds?
"strength, intelligence and courage"
14- What is your dream Lara croft costume?
"I want to hire my friend Jonathan Duran for a photo session with a very similar game landscape."
15- Do you have any advice for first time cosplayers?
"I think You should do it for fun and passion and not to be afraid to show your work. You have to be yourselves,
and ignore the people with destructive criticism."
16- Have you anything you want to share with our readers?
"Thank you very much to all who support me and encourage me to continue in this world. And thank you Sara, this
is the first time I've been interviewed and I'm so excited"
Jill's facebook page: