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My name is Isaac Cabrera and I cosplay under the name 'Tom Braider'! I am an artist, freelance illustrator, musician, gamer and cosplayer.   I love so much about Lara. She's the embodiment of everything I find inspiring a person. She's intelligent, courageous, self sufficient, sexy, confident and caring all at the same time. While I admire classic Lara for the nostalgia, the reboot canon of Lara is who I resonate with the most on a level that is unmatched.

The reason why I cosplay as Lara is because the timing for the reboot of the franchise couldn't have lined up with my life any better. As Lara was graduating college, I was as well. Lara was young, naive and eager to see the world much like myself. When she was thrown into jaws of death on the island of Yamatai, I could relate as I was also going through turmoil myself emotionally and mentally. In short, I was suffering from depression, wrestling with faith, friends changing and relationships ending. But, not only did Lara make it out alive from her situation, but she used her experience to better herself. This resonated with me as I found myself in the same position after growing from those situations. Now out of college, I'm finally on my own adventure by choice, not necessarily by circumstance, which is why I also resonate with Lara from Rise Of The Tomb Raider. I'm hoping that with the next installment of the franchise that I'll have grown into the person I've been wanting to become.

The way Lara presses on, has an insatiable thirst on her quest for truth and pushes through her hardships with a determination to get what she wants is incredibly inspiring.

If you would like to stay up to date with cosplay, feel free to follow me on my social channels!

If you would like to check out my art, feel free to as well!
Costumes: (click on the links below to jump down the page)
- Rise of The Tomb Raider - Remnant Jacket

- Tomb Raider 2013
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Remnant Jacket
Tomb Raider 2013