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  Photos: 12
Cosplay by: Irene Astral
Photography by: SpirosK photography
Edit By: Irene Astral

Irene Astral is an alternative model, artist and cosplayer currently residing in Athens, Greece. She has a passion for everything creative, from sewing her own clothing and costumes to sketching and music making. She’s also a classically trained singer and performer. Her costumes and props are usually made by her and she owns a make – up artist’s license. She always experiments with new techniques and materials. She spends her free time traveling and playing video games (mostly FPRPGs and MMOs). Apart from being an artist, she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and she’s currently enrolling her Master. A geologist pretty much as an archaeologist is usually found in field trips, where her casual attire resembles that of Lara’s.
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- Tomb Raider 2013
Tomb Raider 2013