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.: CCPI :.

.: What is the cosplay care package initiative? :.

The Cosplay Care Package Initiative was created by Sara Croft to help support current and future cosplayers across the world, with a useful contribution to their cosplay project.

If you are in need of supplies, we will send you a package that may include a variation of things, that are crucial to any Tomb Raider costume like fabric, a sewing kit and tape measure. go to our forums, tell us about the costume you are crafting.  We then will customize your care package according to what you are making and will try our best to accommodate your needs. All this is completely Free, we won't even charge you shipping!

When Stella (From Stella's Tomb Raider Site), Anne (Cosplayer and site member) and Shu (Anne's husband), caught wind of the plans, they were so incredibly kind and generous, and volunteered their extra supplies for anyone that comes forward, Stella is also donating cash for the cause! So go ahead and contact us through the forums, and tell us how we can help you! registration is free.

It's very easy to offer support to cosplayers who already have their costumes through publishing their work on this site and posting at our social media outlets, but I wanted to offer something more, start something special, and help our Tomb Raider community.

.: Latest News via Tumblr :.

We received supplies from stella!
Nov 26th 2013

Care packages are on their  way!
Dec 14th 2013


.: Video Announcement :.


.: Sponsors :.

.: Sara :.

Founder of CCPI This website's admin and veteran cosplayer
.: Stella :.

Tomb Raider Community Matriarch and avid supporter
.: Anne :.

Veteran cosplayer and star of the upcoming tomb raider fan film
.: Shu :.

Anne's husband and director of the upcoming tomb raider film

.: Who can apply? :.

Anyone and everyone who wants to make a costume for cosplay, Even if it's not your first, we understand the financial challenges one can go through sometimes.

.: How do I become a sponsor :.

If you want to help cosplayers, we welcome you with open arms, we need all the help we can get, to get in contact, just send us a direct message to tombraidercosplay@yahoo.com

.: Donate Now :.

Care Package Queue / Requests: 21
Care Packages Processing: 5
Care Packages Sent: 10

.: Apply Now :.

Go to our forums and have a look at our supplies bank, we have pictures and quantities listed, you can let sara know what pieces you'd like through a PM.