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 Welcome to our cosplay competitions page!

The contest is now closed and below are the entries and results.

- Entries -  (in alphabetical order)
  Click on the thumbnails  below for high resolution pictures, will open up in a new window:
Angel X
Lara Jones
Relic Raider

Public Voting Poll

Is now closed...
Cosplay Contest Rules:
- Theme -

Tomb Raider 2012 outfit!.


- Eligibility -
Everyone is eligible, males and females alike may enter the cosplay contest.
- How to Enter -
When you are ready to submit your entry, send it to tombraidercosplay@yahoo.com
- The deadline -
Sept 15th
- Winner Categories -
  • Public choice
  • Overall winner (picked by staff and Meagan)
  • Most original
- Judging & Votes -
After the contest closes, voting will be open to the general public Sept 15th on this page, you may vote only once, and you can't retract or change your vote, so make sure its the right one.

The poles will be open for 1 week, and then the top entry that received the most votes, will be runner up prize, and Meagan Marie of Crystal Dynamics, Joana founder and admin of the FB cosplay group and I will pick the other two winners together, for the grand prize
- Prizes -
The overall winner (picked by us) gets the following:
  • Tomb Raider prizes provided by Crystal! including:
    1- A limited edition art print
    2- Tomb Raider T-Shirt
    3- Tomb Raider Poster
    (will post pics of them as soon as Crystal is done designing them!)
  • Meagan Marie's Autograph!
  • Your picture will become the banner for our forums!

The Runner up (public vote) gets the following:

  • You will be featured cosplayer for the month of September, If you already have been a featured cosplayer on this website, we will redo the interview with updated questions and pictures
  • You will be featured in the Official Facebook and Deviant Art Cosplay groups!

Most original picture:

  • The winner gets to be main website banner for a week, allowing their picture to be viewed by thousands of visitors

And EVERYONE who enters gets featured on the new "Tomb Raider 2013" cosplay page as our way to celebrate the new game, this is part of the new initiative by laracroftcosplay.com to celebrate each game through cosplay :)

- General Information -
  • laracroftcosplay.com is a family friendly website. Pictures must NOT contain any kind of indecency or vulgarity, for guidelines send an email to me at the above address
  • You must be the only one in the photo
  • And only one photo per participant
  • We would prefer it if the picture is new and unseen by the public but that doesn't mean you cant submit your existing photos
- Costume Workmanship and photography -
  • Costumes must have key pieces like shirt, pants, boots etc, you can find detailed tutorials to help you make yours (click here)
  • Costume parts must not be photo-shopped into the picture
  • Photos must show your entire body , please refrain from taking pictures of just your upper half, just your face or only some sections.