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Reference: The staff seems to be a winged scarab with an ankh on top and acting as a handle. 

What you need:
  • A long wooden stick of some sort like a broom stick or a long dowel
  • Foamboard
  • Craft foam
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Polymer Clay or Air dry clay
  • Paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Start by printing the top part of the staff on your regular piece of A4 paper, but make it as big as it could possibly be on the A4 paper.
Then tape it to a piece of foamboard and cut out the outline and the hole inside like so
Now cover the entire thing with craft foam to give it a nice clean finish
Using the remnants of the template, cut the the ankh part out of more foamboard.
Then glue it to the first main piece like so:
Using regular paper, fold 8 inch pieces it like so and glue them on the main piece
Start by placing the first piece of paper on the top corner and cut the excess off with scissors once it dries
Keep doing this and try to follow the picture below
There should be six pieces of paper all together
Make a scarab out of polymer clay or air dry clay (see tutorial here) and glue it on the space inside the ankh, if you make it 2.5 inches long it should fit perfectly if you made the main piece based on an A4 piece of paper
Glue the stick / broom on the main piece or tape it up if it's too heavy
Spray paint the entire thing with gold spray paint.
And you're done! you can add extra coats of modge podge to strengthen it, but if you did this right, the staff should be very sturdy.