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Tomb Raider 2013: Sam's Sacrificial Dress by Sara Larochelle
Ok, so you will have to forgive me for how unprofessional this looks, I am not a seamstress, I don't have access to one. So i went ahead and did the best i could by myself, This can be done with a robe instead of making it from scratch but i had fabric, I figured it didn't matter how rough it looked because they got this outfit for sam in the island, they probably ripped it off a dead body, or had it made very hastily, so there is no need for perfection:
What you need:
- 4 yards of off white cotton fabric
- Thread and needle
- Black and brown acrylic paint
- Foam board
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Craft foam
 Final Product & Reference:
This is the pattern, i hope it makes sense. I tried to do this the simplest way i know, I am not a professional, I just really wanted to do my best recreating this outfit for our fan film.
PART 1:  The robes
After cutting the fabric, i put it on to get a feel for the length, I know i look weird right now but as you see up in the first pic, it works out :)
I sewed the sides up all the way to the arm holes


Afterwards you will end up with something like this. Put it aside, now it's time to work on the collar.
PART 2: The collar  
I decided to use craft foam to pad the collar up, and then stitch it on the robes.
I glued craft foam about 4 inches in width directly on the fabric
Then stitched it right on robes and rounded the bottom half.
PART 3: The Belt  
You need a bit of foam board so it's firm and will be able to stay in place when you're cosplaying. Glue it right on the fabric, in the middle, like so:
This belt piece will have to be long enough to go around your body twice and then have enough left over to make a cute bow. here is a diagram to show you:

When it's dry, put it on yourself and start tying it up

Bring it behind but don't tie it, just criss cross them

And back again, and start tying it up

Tie it up in a nice bow and you're done

This is your over all look before the weathering, you've essentially finished.
PART 4: Weathering & Accessories

Acrylic Solution

Arm and leg straps (dipped into acrylic)
Now all you need is black and brown acrylic paint, dilute it with water and dip the ends of the dress into the solution , grab a brush, dip it in and whip it at the project , so you get some organic weathering.
After that paint the sun on the right leg, paint the belt gray, and weather some straps for your arms and legs :)

Check out this page for the headdress tutorial