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The jacket is men's military hooded, silver snap closure, 2 pockets, canvas material, olive drab color, oversized, rolled up sleeves, asymmetrical hem, leather bindings around the left arm and the right wrist.
What you need:
- A Jacket that is as close to the above description as possible.
- Brown leather bindings
- Paint for weathering
- Thread and needle in the same color of your jacket

1. I took a piece of scrap leather and tied it around the right wrist, then glued it down so it does not move around.

2. I took a thinner piece and made sure that it went around the left arm three times, then secured it in the back and tied it up.

3. Unfortunately, my jacket's pockets were angled up, so took them apart and repositioned them.

4. I sewed the pockets shut and moved the flaps down.

5. I then sewed them in place.

6. I took some black paint and drew around the pocket to create depth.

7. I then sewed the pockets inwards so it looks like they are there when in fact they are not.
The paint creates depth, and the sewing inwards finishes the look and makes it more realistic.  If your jacket came with pockets like Lara's, you can skip this step entirely.

8. Start weathering the entire jacket to your liking and create more rips and tears to taste.
I also added snap closure buttons to the jacket in the middle as the only ones that were on it were at the top and bottom.
Don't forget to roll up the sleeves once.
Finished Jacket: