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Tomb Raider CLassic Poly Lara Shorts  by Carla Croft
What you need:
  • Cardboard Box
  • Brown Craft foam
  • Good quality acrylic paints:
    - Black
    - Brown
    - Gray
    - Gold
    - Marker
  • Brown pleather
  • Brush


This is really easy! All you have to do is paint the backpack, Use the marker to pinpoint where everything goes, you don't need any extra buckles or details, this is just a cardboard box covered with craft foam, then just paint the backpack on there, it is 100% accurate too, because Lara's backpack does not have anything sticking out as you can see in the reference pics.

Then all i did was just add straps made out of pleather. That's it :)


Finished product