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Tomb Raider Legend Healthpack
This is actually relatively easy to make, but its just for show, no functionality whatsover, you will need the following:
  • Deep Orange fabric, about 11x5 inches
  • White spray paint
  • Stencil provided below
  • Red thread and needle
  • Some feathers for stuffing the health pack
  • Box cutter or some kind of blade

1 - Start by folding the fabric and start sowing it to make a pouch, when you get  to about 2 inches left to sealing it completely, turn it inside out to hide the sowing and then stuff it with the feathers. and then close it up

2 - Print this picture (stencil) out and start cutting all the white parts out, you can cut the letters (FIRST AID) completely then touch up the D R and A, later on

Click to enlarge

3- Place the stencil on the fabric and then use white spray paint.

And there it is :)