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How to make the Tomb Raider Underworld Thor's hammer,  By Sara



This is a basic tutorial on how to make a replica of Mjölnir, aka Thor's hammer. It is a rough replica, which means its not 100% accurate but it will do for me: (It is fairly sturdy but dont go hitting people with it  :P)

Reference Pictures: Click to enlarge

Finished product:

What you'll need:
  • Any 1 household grocery box (dimentions: length 5.5" x width 7.5"x depth 2" inches) i chose a modified old elpaso box lol
  • 1 Tin foil card board roll
  • 2 Toilet paper card board rolls
  • Scotch tape
  • News paper or phone book pages
  • Scissors

1- Ok you need to start by stuffing the box that is the hammer with shredded news papers or phonebook  pages to give it some weight:

2- Cut a plus sign (+) 1.5 inch in diameter, in the middle of the box and lift up the flaps like so:

3- Slide the Tin foil roll inside the box, make sure to  get the flaps out so you can later secure them to it

4- Secure the flaps with tape around the tin foil roll like so:

5- Grab the toilet paper rolls and cut 1/2 inch around it so you end up with this:

6- and then slide the first small pipe up the big pipe, and secure all the little flaps with tape like so:

7- Fold News papers or phonebook pages , just thick enough to go inside the small roll and outsite the bigger roll , like so:

Push down on it till its snug iin there,

8- Now secure it like this:

9- Then do the same thing for the bottom of the handle, with papers securing the smaller roll too:

10- Now for the tip, i just stuffed papers in there and then made a pyramid shape when almost full,  I secured it with strong tape like this:

11- Then made a smaller box , about (5 inches in width, 2 in length and 1/2 inch in depth) to put on top of the hammer like this:

12- So now you have the basic shape for the hammer! and you're almost done!!!

So now comes the messy part:
I bought Silver and black paint, small bottles, costing less than 3 dollars all together

13- Paint it completely black

14- Mix a little silver paint with black and paint it again after its dry

15- Time to paint the handle, bottom and top part must be lighter than the middle, so use your silver/metallic paint

16- Cut a piece of cardboard in this shape

Symmetry is achieved if you fold it in half and cut this shape out

Then paint it Silver

And glue it in place : like so
then finish painting the top part and you're DONE! :)

Now using this image, i extracted patterns to print and glue onto the hammer:

Click to enlarge