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Tomb Raider Anniversary Grapple Tutorials
thanks to Kat for providing it

Reference Picture:

What you'll need:

  - cardboard, super glue
  - hole punch, paint
  - 9 inch long dowel rod
  - 4 machine screws with nuts (#8-32x3/4")
  - 8 flat washers (#8 )
  - 4 machine screws with nuts (1/4"-20x1/2")
  - mod podge, newspaper
  - copy of pattern


The pattern will need to be enlarged. (Photobucket shrinks all pics)
Enlarge the Entire pattern sheet so that the 'dowel rod sample' is 9 inches long. All other pieces will be to scale now. The small center circles should be about the size of a penny.

Cut out 2 large circles A, 4 medium circles B, 2 small circles C, 2 extra small circles D, 2 hooks E and 4 blades. (Cut 2 of the medium circles B with slots, and 2 without.) With the hole punch, punch out the small holes in pieces A and F.

Glue together pieces A aligning the edges and center holes. ( If the edges are a little off don't worry, this will be covered by the newspaper.
Next, glue pieces C ,D, and E to each corresponding piece, same as
piece A.

Piece B is a little trickier. First glue together the 2 slotted pieces, matching the center holes and the slots. (It's very important that the slots are aligned as close as possible) Now, glue 1 piece B (without the slots) to the slotted B pieces.

After this is dry, we add the small nuts.(#8 )
Glue each (#8 ) nut into the slot opening on piece B.

Now glue the other piece B(without the slots) to the other slotted piece.
Gluing the nuts to the cardboard allows the blades of the grapple to turn freely.

Time to start the fun stuff.
Cut newspaper into thin strips. Wet a paint brush or your finger and dip it into the mod podge. Paint the mixture on to the news paper strips and start layering it on all the pieces. Remember to leave the nuts uncovered on piece B. It takes several layers but make sure the pieces are completely covered.

Tips: If the mod podge seems thick while applying it, wet your paint brush again.
Be sure to clean your paint brush often especially if you stop between layers. Once the mod podge dries the brush is finished.
Mod podge is messy. But it cleans up easily while it's wet. If you get it on your skin, or are using your finger to apply it, it will peel right off after it dries.
When the mod podge is dry, you can paint the pieces.
After the paint is dry, brush on a coat of mod podge, this will seal the paint and give the pieces a nice shine.
Pieces should look like this:

Now time to assemble it.
Slide all the pieces on to the dowel rod. Glue pieces C and D to the end of the dowel rod.
Before gluing pieces A and B make sure the holes are not aligned.

For the blades
Place a washer on one of the #8 screws. Insert it thru the hole of a blade, then add the next washer.

Repeat with the other three blades.

When the glue is completely dry on the main part of the grapple, you can add the large screws. Push the screws up from the bottom of piece A and add the nuts.

Now add the blades, and you're Finished!