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Tomb Raider  - Ba Cartouche by Sara Croft
  What you need:
- Air dry Clay
- Gold paint
- Black paint
- A tool to carve with

Lara will find the Ba Cartouche, as well as the Ra Cartouche, in the Tomb of Semerkhet in The Last Revelation.
Make a block of clay into a rectagular shape
Carve a line into the edges of the rectangle, about a half an inch away from the outside
Next you need to carve half a circle in the upper left corner, the symbol for the letter "T".
Then two rectangles in the upper right corner, the symbols for the letter "P" (according to google)
Then a feather symbol in the lower left corner, the symbol for "I, E, Y"
Finally an owl, which is the symbol for either "M"
Once the block is dry (24 - 36 hours) later depending on the clay you have, paint it gold.
Now all you need to do is go into the grooves with black paint and you're done! :)
Your relic is ready for your shoot or your collection.
Heiroglyphics reference: www.calendariu.com