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How to make the Tomb Raider Anniversary Backpack.

Reference Pictures:

Hello My name is Emely and I have a Cosplay TR Anniversary
Backpack tutorial for you, Tutorial listed below- along with a couple of pictures.

-First thing to remember! Read through ALL steps before anything, wouldnt want to make a careless mistake now.
-Pretty simple design but time consuming if you dont have a machine to sew pieces together!

1. Get your junk!
  * Thread color of your choice- I only had black
  * Needle
  * Brown cloth / fabric ( i used my bro's desert colored cargo pants lol, i guess he wont be wearin those anymore, nah i made sure they he didnt use them. )
  * 2 Large D-Rings
  * Patterns -which look the same as a d-ring.
  * Pen-I used a green pen
- 0% complete.

2. Get your pattern and fabric in hand.
Your pattern should look like the D-rings. Trace from pattern and cut out- you should have 4 pieces cut out now.

3. Take 2 pieces of the 4 cutouts and sew them together like a sandwich matching up together.
(Make sure you have the pen markings facing you so when you flip it you wont be able to see them.) Thats the bottom part of the bag, leave holes for bottom part of strap.
-25% complete.

4. Repeat process for top part, except have the front of the bag pattern upside down so it looks like a fish mouth. Bind with thread and needle, or machine if you have. Leave small holes to insert and sew in back straps!
You can flip inside out now for front detail.
- 50% complete!

5. Cut out 2 strips for the front. Sew into single front flap evenly spread out, space in between.
Attach D-rings to center of the strips.
-75% complete.

6. Backpack straps. Measure straight length and wrap it around shoulders for length for a comfortable fit ( i didnt do it and i is tight and the other is super loose lol so i recommend taking the extra time for this-im just impaitient)

7. Sew top straps through holes and follow through with bottom also.
100% complete.

- For the flap of the bag you can chose to have open for use or seal closed, i kept mine open, if you do decide to keep it open make sure they are even and the top is long enough for a gapless cover.
- make sure your fabric isnt flimsy, i made that mistake and its like a pillow cover on your back.
- instead of the pill like design, you can add flat sides and under flat (flat bottom)
- probably better to add adjustable strappings but im not that great at crafting things like that.