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Classic outfit, braid

Click to view outfit

Lara�s past adventures are told from her close friends,in which the player backtracks in her place.


"Excellent addition to Lara's past"

by tombraider

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Graphics follow the variant engine from Tomb Raider 4th,with more textures and different maps.

Controls allow Lara to fend off enemies with other artifacts, use a grapple gun, dive through a small gap as she is crouching and combine lethal items when she is unarmed (weapons from previous game TR 4th) to kill off enemies .

Levels introduce Rome, Russia, Lara�s youth in a demonic island, and Verner�s headquarters. Croft manor is replaced with Rome as a training level for the player.
Game uses save at any point like the 4th game

Outfits are by each stage where on progresses in Lara�s past adventures, introducing one of the very more interesting outfits the scuba diving suit which also serves as a way for Lara to get around underwater and defend herself.



Deep diving suit, play the game to find out what else :)

**An expansion called TR Level Editor came along with the pc version for avid fans to create their own levels, outfits and more**
Review provided by Carla!