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Classic outfit, braid

Laraís youth is introduced as a perspective to how she got into what she currently does ,tomb raiding .Lara sets out to look for the ankh of Seth in Egypt ,however there is a rivalry between her and her former mentor Verner Von Croy who will stop at nothing to gain the Ankh and attain its powers, giving the world countless of itís curses, Lara must prevent this at all costs.


"Lara at the pyramids is where she belongs"

by tombraider

Tomb Raider : The Last Revelation

Graphics introduced a variant of the engine used in the tomb raiders, giving Lara and the worlds around herself a style change.

Controls allow Lara to run and dive through gaps, swing from ropes, combine key items and weapons(a smaller variety than TR 3rd) and shimmy in all directions.

Levels are based in Egypt ,and Cambodia as the tutorial levels where one plays as the young Lara.

Outfits in Tomb Raider 4th are from Laraís youth (probably school uniform) and the classic outfit with what appears to be a variant, being more short, however in the rendered sequences the outfit does not portray the same style.

play the game to find out what vehicles there are if any ;)

**Game re-introduces the save at any point, however with multiple spaces, meaning the player is not limited to just a single save**
Review provided by Carla!