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Dark outfit variant of the classic with new elements, braid

Lara on a meeting with Verner finds it hard to tend to his needs as past conflicts intervene, however in spite of strange circumstances like Vernerís sudden death Lara must get to the bottom of this


"Great Graphics for its time"

by tombraider

Graphics in this game were set to be a revolution for the Tomb Raider franchise, seeing as how Laraís model gathered more polys, interacted with other human characters and had a extensive make over of the map building by itís developers.

Notable features about this more rendered version of Lara allow her to have more vivid facial features and more fluid movements.

Controls allow Lara to perform her moves at a much realistic view (that also includes boosting up Laraís energy to work on her moves), and interact with other human character, which also gives you choices that will directly affect the outcome of each stage.


Viper.SMG automatic
Play.the.game to.find.out.

Weapons are new and different, and do not feature the classic double gun, also there is a limit in the ammunition so the player must gather it to continue using these weapons.

Levels introduce Paris, among many other levels that feature new ideas to the Tomb Raider franchise.
Croft manor
is absent and Paris serves as training levels for the player.

Outfits are by stage, all appearing to be based on the dark variant, to harmonize with the gameís atmosphere.
Game uses the save at anywhere point with various spaces.


No vehicles in AOD

**An DVD version of this game came out featuring the use of your DVD controller to play the game, it is also playable by more people and features point earning**

Review provided by Carla!