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Classic outfit, braid


Lara sets out to look for  to prevent hostile enemies from harnessing the power�s of Infada Stone and controlling the world


"Lara at Her Best"

by tombraider

Tomb Raider 3: the adventures of Lara Croft

Controls allow Lara to sprint, crouch, monkey swing, ride a very long list of vehicles and use an even more extensive array of weapons.

Levels introduce London, South Pacific, India, Nevada and the artic.

Croft manor is vastly extended with more features like riding Lara�s vehicles on a course with a clock to count the best times.

Outfits in Tomb Raider 3rd,as with it�s variety in levels, it also meets the standards of climate adaptation for Lara. Game re introduces save crystals, however these can be collected, stored and used, unlike the first version of tomb raider.


play the game to find out what other vehicles there are :)

**An expansion called TR 3rd Gold came out featuring a few more levels based on a new story,with familiar aspects of the 3rd game**
Review provided by Carla!