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Classic outfit, no braid

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Picture from laracroft.name

Lara sets out to look for pieces of the scion when Natla offers her the location
For them, not knowing her true intentions Lara must avoid Natla from using the scions for her own evil against the world

Picture from laracroft.name


a Wonder"

by Laracroft

Graphics were revolutionary for itís time

Controls allow Lara to jump, swim, shoot, flip, shimmy, pull switches and many other moves quite easy.

The controls are simple to remember and get adjusted to. Tomb Raider 1st introduces swimming, probably THE first 3rd person game to ever have such an ability for these times.

The game features many puzzles to solve and ground to cover, all tied by the pieces of the scion respectively. The levels feature Egypt, Peru, Atlantis, Greece and Natlaís mines. Croft Manor is first introduced as a training level for the player on a small scale.

The outfit featured on Lara is THE epitome of the Tomb Raider franchise, as it was with itís first appearance here, it would seem our Lara sets out on this quest for days, not giving her time to stop, as it is a situation of extreme urgency.

Game introduces Save Crystals on certain checkpoints, once used these cannot be used again, keeping the player on a more controlled space.

**An expansion called TR 1st Gold: Unfinished business came out featuring a few more levels based on the story**
Review provided by Carla!
Weapons included:

- Shotguns
- Magnum
- Pistols
- Uzis

There are no vehicles in TR1