Hi, I'm Sara and I'm going to tell you about me and this website.

I myself am a cosplayer and have worked hard to assemble this huge gallery of people who have dedicated time and effort to creating their outfits. I started the site because I wanted to celebrate their hard work and encourage new cosplayers to explore this hobby. We also offer cosplay resources, such as character and costume lists, how-to articles for creating costumes and props

So I hear you ask why do I cosplay Lara? Well...Lara is a strong, sexy, intelligent, determined, witty and brave individual. She has qualities about her that so far I have not seen in any fictional or non-fictional characters.
Has an immense respect for history, She's also educated, classy and well read. That in my eyes almost makes the perfect woman, and who wouldn't want to feel like their hero once in a while?

Lara has changed me as a person, which some might say is a bit crazy because she's not a real person, but it's the love of adventure, and strength of will that Lara stands for that inspires me, and so I honor her by dressing in her clothes.

I've also had countless cosplayers tell me that they were shy and had low self-esteem and little confidence, but somehow when getting into the Lara outfit they felt amazing and beautiful.

From this hobby, sprung a tightly knit community, in which we discuss and evaluate each other's work. We have become close friends and like to support each other too.

Tomb Raider cosplay isn't only for Lara look-alikes or even just for girls. People can have fun dressing as any character from the games or movies—male or female. So if you miss playing dress-up like you did when you were little, or you just want to try walking in Lara's boots for a while, why not give Tomb Raider cosplay a try?