Hello everybody, I'm Joana, Admin of Lara's Backpack (Portuguese website) and also admin of the former Tomb Raider Cosplay Facebook group, DeviantArt page and Twitter.

I've started my first website in 2003, when I was only 14, and I never expected to get where I am at the moment with this amazing Tomb Raider community. It's a huge pleasure to take a new step and help Sara with this amazingly complete website about Tomb Raider cosplaying.

I've been a Lara fan since the beginning, since 1996, when the games were only yet being mentioned on all the games magazines and programs. Since then I felt this character would take a major role in my life and change it for the best. Lara just is the best role model right ?

I love cosplaying and admire people who put so much effort into it and what they come up with. I felt they needed somewhere to talk to, to show off what they do with pride, as well as help others a bit less skilled. I have tried myself to start some cosplaying, but I'm not as skilled as most of the beautiful girls out there! So I decided to dedicate my time to them and make sure they have somewhere to tell about their experiences

I Love Lara and everything she stands for. She's strong, beautiful and its a role model we needed in the 90īs.

Once again I'm very happy to be part of Lara Croft Cosplay, and I will be doing my best to keep the social communities running as smoothly as possible! Thank you Sara once again for this amazing opportunity! I appreciate it