Name : Carla aka Richard Alexander and Ashelia 89 -deviant art and -

Why I love Tomb Raider: my life has been changed forever by Lara, her confidence ,smarts and adventures have touched my heart and shown me that anything can be achieved as long as you dream it

My Cosplay: I have been an avid Lara Cosplayer since the time of the look A likes, early 2000s but didn't enter the community formally till some time then ,I love all of Lara's outfits and hope to sometime have photo shoots for my personal favorites

My contribution to the community : Sara granted me the opportunity to make my contribution to the Tomb Raider community by allowing me the chance to be the lead make up artist, I am currently drafting and sketching different ideas for my upcoming tutorials and can't wait to share these with you guys

Much love and thanks again for keeping the love burning brighter than ever