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We are NOT paid by any of these companies/ stores, NOR are we responsible for their business practices, purchase at your own risk.

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- My Store (Sara Croft 's Store)
- Other Etsy Store
- Clothing
- Accessories / Props
- Shoes
- Backpacks
- Weapons
- Swimwear
- Full Costumes

My Store


Other Etsy Stores

Clothing     BACK TO TOP
Tomb Raider Anniversary Leotard

The no1 website for tank leotards is www.capezio.com
Check this page out Click Here
Tomb Raider Classic

The cat suit from TR3 is available at www.halloweencostumes.com

in here
Black Gloves

On Ebay, We set up a search for you, just click here
Accessories and Props                 BACK TO TOP
Tomb Raider Anniversary, Legend, Underworld or Reborn Wig

This is from an Ebay store
Click here
Shoes                 BACK TO TOP
Tomb Raider 2013 Reborn Boots

Click below for a list of possible tomb raider boots
Click here





Back packs                 BACK TO TOP
Nothing yet    
Weapons                 BACK TO TOP
Tomb Raider Underworld, Legen and movie Guns

All the air soft guns you need at:


Swimwear                 BACK TO TOP

Nothing yet

Full Costumes                 BACK TO TOP
Tomb Raider Anniversary:
Complete outfit

Tomb Raider Underworld complete outfit

Tomb Raider Legend: Complete outfit

You can get the complete Tomb Raider Legend, underworld or anniversary outfits from Ebay shop: Halloweencostumes.com awesome for a quick halloween set
Do you know of a link to a cool online store that sells tomb raider cosplay stuff? Please tell us about it here