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Welcome to our humble abode, this website is dedicated to Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay. A positive, proud, close knit and proactive community where you can network and share your passion for cosplay

We have the world's biggest gallery of over 260 Tomb Raider cosplayers, they have dedicated great time and effort to create their outfits, and here we believe that deserves to be celebrated.

This website has the best help on the web for your cosplay needs, including a step by step guide and tutorials on how to make your costumes and props, links to stores that sell what you need, Also help with your makeup, hair, and so much more!...  not to mention you can visit our facebook group or forum where you can meet our cosplayers


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All new Tomb Raider Comic book outfit reference available.

Click below to access a series of 1 min videos with quick helpful tips



Cosplay pics on this site



Updates:  17 Dec 2014
New Tutorial: Classic Tomb Raider Scion
Updates:  16 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer:
Welcome Jessienoochie
Updates:  15 Dec 2014
Extensive Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Reference added by Staff member Eugene
Updates:  13 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer:
Welcome Enora
New Cosplayer: Welcome Giorgia
New Collaboration photos from Fuinur and Giorgia
Updates:  12 Dec 2014
New Forum post: Cosplay Care Package
New Cosplayer: Welcome Ayin
More photos from Elina
Updates:  11 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer:
Welcome Souxie
New Cosplayer: Welcome Lupe
More photos from Brooke
Updates:  10 Dec 2014
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Characters added
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Costume analysis added
Updates:  08 Dec 2014
Cradle of life backpack reference added, thanks to naboo rebel cosplay
New tutorial, Movie belt holsters
Updates:  07 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer! Amu-Nina
New Tutorial! how to make the tomb raider movie red cross shirt
Updates:  06 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer: Naboo Rebel cosplay
Updates:  05 Dec 2014

We're happy to announce that we now have an instagram account, make sure to follow us on there today
New tutorial: Cradle of life Tiger / China jacket
New tutorial: Lara's glove - Luva de Lara em PortuguÍs
Updates:  04 Dec 2014

Featured cosplayer for this month is Jill
read the exclusive interview now- Click here

Updates:  03 Dec 2014
Classic Comic Book outfit lists added
New tutorial, Classic tomb raider large medi pack
Updates:  01 Dec 2014
New Cosplayer: Rebecca
Updates:  30 Nov 2014
New Cosplayer: Miranda
Updates:  27 Nov 2014
New Cosplayer: MerylSama
Updates:  26 Nov 2014
New Cosplayer: Lessein
New Cosplayer: Maya
New Cosplayer: Melania
Updates:  25 Nov 2014
New Cosplayer: Drei
New Cosplayer
New reference material for the new tomb raider comic books available.
Updates:  20 Nov 2014
We started a new youtube web series called "60 sec cosplay tips"
Click here to view the first one
Updates:  01 Nov 2014
Our wonderful community manager Meagan Marie, has just opened up her charitible cosplay store! All proceeds will go to Room to Read, check it out now!
Updates:  25 Oct 2014
The results are in! We raised $1000 for MacMillan Cancer Support!
New tutorial: Tomb Raider Underworld belt
Updates:  10 Oct 2014

Featured cosplayer for this month is Jill
read the exclusive interview now- 
Click here

Updates:  05 Oct 2014
New tutorial: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Backpack
Updates:  28 Sept 2014
For our 7th year anniversary we are partnering up with esteemed Tomb Raider model Jenifer Morgan. We are hosting 7 auction for some incredible Lara Croft Costumes and accessories.
Click the banner to your left to learn more!
Updates:  18 Sept 2014
New tutorial: Easy to make reborn necklace
Updates:  28 Aug 2014
New tutorial: Easy to make reborn holster
Updates:  27 Aug 2014
Awesome new photos from our community in honor of the Rise of the Tomb Raider, click here
Early "Rise of the Tomb Raider" costume analysis now available
New link added to the prop link directory
Updates:  19 Aug 2014
New Cosplayer! Shu Pate
Fanfilm News: New video
New Tutorial! how to make TR inspired skulls
Regular website updates are starting again as of next month! Sara finally refurbished some old hardware that will be enough to start updating again, new cosplayers, tutorials and featured cosplayers, coming all next month!
Updates:  10 June 2014
Rise of the Tomb Raider Announced!
watch the trailer to the left.
Updates:  17 May 2014
Incredible summer cosplay deal package!
Tomb Raider Classic Scion Artifact
New Item for Sale! Geek Chic superhero tote bag!
Tutorial added!
Polygon Lara Shorts and holsters
Tutorial added!
Polygon Lara Boots
Updates: 13 May 2014
Tutorial added!
Tomb Raider Polygon Backpack
Updates: 09 May 2014
New Item for Sale! Tomb Raider 2013 belt
New Item for Sale! Tomb Raider Underworld belt
Tutorial added!
Polygon Classic Lara Shirt
Tutorial added!
Kurtis trent shirt
Updates: 10 Apr 2014
New Item for Sale! Tomb Raider Pendant
New Item for Sale! Tomb Raider Twin Pistols
New Post: Brittney Valhalla's Gift to Sara Croft
Updates: 02 Apr 2014

Hey guys! This is Sara, I am currently in the process of getting a new computer so i can start updating the website again, I'm so sorry i have not been able to do so in the last couple months.
New Post: Awesome video showing carla getting her dream outfit!
New Fan Film post!
Updates: 03 Feb 14
One Week Sale!
20 dollars off the Tomb Raider Quiver
Updates: 01 Feb 2014
2013 Torch tutorial now up!
Updates: 26 Jan 2014
Samantha Nishimura's dress tutorial Now up!
Updates: 21 Jan 2014
Legend Snowsuit tutorial now up!
Updates: 18 Jan 2014
Underworld Thor's belt buckle tutorial now up
Angel of Darkness Medipack Tutorial now up
Classic Medi pack tutorial now up
Kurtis Trent Weapon Tutorial now up
Tomb Raider Classic Hair Tutorial Now up



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