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Welcome to our humble abode, this website is dedicated to Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay. A positive, proud, close knit and proactive community where you can network and share your passion for cosplay

We have the world's biggest gallery of over 270 Tomb Raider cosplayers, they have dedicated great time and effort to create their outfits, and here we believe that deserves to be celebrated.

This website has the best help on the web for your cosplay needs, including a step by step guide and tutorials on how to make your costumes and props, links to stores that sell what you need, Also help with your makeup, hair, and so much more!...  not to mention you can visit our facebook group or forum where you can meet our cosplayers


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Cosplay pics on this site



19 Mar 2015
New Post: Sara Croft Goes to PAX East 2015
New Tutorial: How to make Tomb Raider Anniversary Seal of Anubis
01 Mar 2015
More photos from Jenn
More photos from Laura
26 Feb 2015
Comprehensive new reference photos for rise of the tomb raider now available
More photos from Carla
More photos from Nehta
New Collaboration photos
TR News Post: The business decisions behind ROTTR
20 Feb 2015
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Milla-s
More photos from Fuinur
TR News Post: Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris Developer diary
18 Feb 2015
TR News Post: Classic Skin Available for Temple of Osiris!
New Post: how to use a bow
New items available in store
More videos added to the cosplay playlist
16 Feb 2015
Tomb Raider News Post: Bigger Better Tombs!
12 Feb 2015
Tomb Raider News Post: The lost city of Kitezh
06 Feb 2015
Tomb Raider News Post: Brand new  ROTTR concept art
06 Feb 2015
New Tutorial: Tomb Raider Anniversary the Ankh of Isis
Tomb Raider News Post: Rise of the Tomb Raider and Xbox 360
04 Feb 2015
Tomb Raider News Post: Five Ways Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Improving Upon The Reboot
03 Feb 2015
Tomb Raider News Post: Game informer unveils Rise of the Tomb Raider Issue
26 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make Tomb Raider Cradle of life medallion
18 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make Tomb Raider 2013 Salvage Box
13 Jan 2015
New Collaboration photos added!
- Kate and Sara
- Anne, Shu, Carla and Sara.
11 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Ba Cartouche
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Imelda
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Giulia
10 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Ra Cartouche
07 Jan 2015
More Photos from Marine
More Photos from Gwyneth
06 Jan 2015
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Jennifer!
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Mossy!
New comic book outfits added
05 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make the Scarab of Osiris Prop Relic
New Cosplay Gallery: Welcome Sophie!
More photos from Nehta
04 Jan 2015
All new Tomb Raider Movies reference pictures!
03 Jan 2015
New Tutorial: How to make the tomb raider AOD belt
New Tutorial: how to make the TR 2013 Arrow Ammo set prop


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